Food Service Employee Parking Regulations

Permits are Required
  • All campus lots require a valid PSU parking permit year-round. A sign is posted at the entrance to each parking lot, which indicates the permit that is required to park there and the lot number.
  • You can obtain a parking lot map at the UPD office or view it online.
How Do I Get a Parking Permit?
  • Stop in at UPD during regular office hours (Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-4 p.m.) for a Food Service permit.
  • You must bring with you your vehicle registration and a valid driver’s license.
Where Can I Park?
  • Lot 602 is the parking area. It is located at the Ice Arena.
  • If you cannot find parking, please contact UPD at (603) 535-2330 to find out where to park.
What Do I Need to Know? If you have a rental vehicle or need to use a different vehicle you still must have a permit. Please either:

  • Remove your stickered permit from your primary vehicle, place it on the vehicle coming to campus, log onto and update the vehicle info to match.  Then change the permit back to your primary vehicle after and again update the information online.
  • OR
  • You may purchase a second parking permit from our office for $10 that is specific to you, not the vehicle it is on.  There is no need to log in and make any changes.
  • Please note: If you purchase a new vehicle please follow the same steps to change your permit over.
What If I Get a Parking Ticket? If you receive a parking ticket:

  • You have the right to appeal your ticket during the first 10 days after ticketing.
  • Follow the instructions printed on your citation to submit your appeal online. You will receive an emailed response.
  • All ticket appeals are reviewed by UPD’s internal appeals committee.
  • If your appeal is not accepted, you have 30 days from the date of ticketing to pay your fine. After 30 days, PSU begins a collections process.
Of the many experiences new employees will have at the University, parking can be as challenging as any of them. We hope you have found this information helpful.