Academic Student Advocate and Policy Advisor

The Academic Student Advocate (ASA) is a part of an inter-divisional team for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs located in Frost House. The ASA provides advice, guidance, and support for students in matters that may affect their academic standing or progress toward a degree. The academic student advocate works collaboratively with other campus offices to resolve both simple and complex issues in a timely and efficient manner, and may be consulted for issues including but not limited to:

Policies related to these issues and requests can be found in the Academic Catalog corresponding to the year a student started at Plymouth State.

The ASA also provides assistance and guidance to faculty in policy matters. The advocate is a consulting member of the Academic Affairs Committee, which is a principal policy making committee in faculty governance.

The academic student advocate position is currently held by Dr. David Zehr. Dr. Zehr is a tenured member of the Psychology faculty and spent ten years as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to assuming the role.

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