2018-19 Panther Pride Ambassadors


Courtney Allen '19
Hometown: Lewiston, ME

Major: Elementary Education

What do you like best about your major? I love so many things about the Elementary Education major. It is hands on, creative and all of my classmates are so supportive of each other. I have always wanted to teach, so being able to pursue that passion with the support of great educators is so exciting.

Why is giving back to PSU important? Giving back to PSU is so important because your help can support current students so they may complete their degree. Donations, volunteer work and student mentoring can all help make Plymouth State a greater university for generations to come.

What makes Plymouth State special? Plymouth is special because there is a variety of majors and types of people here, but everyone can come together through the common love of Plymouth State. There are so many clubs and sports to get involved in and so much more to do than just take classes. Another notable thing is the study away program, which is terrific!

Kayla Gagne '19
Hometown: East Providence, RI

Major: Communication and Media Studies

What do you like best about your major? I deeply enjoy learning about the subject and all the theories about how and why people communicate, especially in today’s modern times.

Why is giving back to Plymouth State important? It’s important for people to enjoy their college experience because these are the year’s most people look back on and appreciate. Everyone should be able to have a college experience and to enjoy that experience.

What makes Plymouth State special? I thoroughly appreciate the overwhelming sense of community here at Plymouth. Everyone is willing to help a stranger, and I can’t walk around campus without seeing someone I know.


Sophia Read '20
Hometown: Westerly, RI

Major: Tourism Management and Policy

What do you like best about your major? Since I’ve attended PSU my course selection has been very diverse. From psychology classes, to business lectures, all information is learned from a different perspective and guidance is always offered. Learning styles vary in each course and every teacher has been enjoyable. Flexibility and uniqueness is something I value, so Plymouth State has set me up for success no matter what. I know that I will find out what my passion is, and by the end of this year my options will be narrowing down, the decision is coming soon.

What makes Plymouth State Special? Plymouth State has a certain energy in the air, just the view itself when walking to class makes it incredible. Every student, faculty member, and even townie is always smiling or making you feel welcomed in one way or another. It’s the perfect amount of everything, just in the mountains. Hiking, sporting events, local fundraisers, art shows, and events around Downtown, Plymouth provides many opportunities for fun! Plymouth State is more than  special, you literally see further up here.

Why is giving back to Plymouth State important?It’s important to give back to Plymouth State University because it has so much potential to really be on the map. It’s grown a lot throughout the years with updates and renovations and even the student enrollment. Not to mention, the money donated is used to let people have the actual Plymouth State Experience. There are funds that include scholarships which are given to income students who can’t necessarily afford the cost of the education due to financial reasons, it can even be only by 100 dollars. If 100 Alumni who had a successful career donated one dollar, one time in their life, then one student could be eligible for a college education. Just like the type of experience you once had, you can make another person benefit the world by earning a degree and helping out the society as a whole. That’s what everyone needs to do in the world; help each other out a little more and PSU provides great opportunities and experiences no matter what situation it’s involved in. This college is and all around successful and enjoyable outcome.


Claire Kammer '19
Hometown: Manchester, NH

Major: Criminal Justice

What do you like best about your major? What I like best about my major is being able to learn law enforcement topics with the same group of people throughout my whole college experience.  I have gained some of my best friends through criminal justice classes.  I have also learned effective communication skills and professional ethics that will be beneficial for my future.

What makes Plymouth State Special? Plymouth State is special to me because everyone I cross paths with is always genuine and friendly.  There are so many wonderful activities and programs anyone can participate in.  The environment is just overall amazing and I cannot picture myself anywhere else!

Why is giving back to Plymouth State important? Giving back to PSU is important for a number of reasons.  Every student should be able to share and experience the same opportunities.  Support and generosity goes a long way.


Danielle Ahern '19
Hometown: Chelmsford, MA

Major: Health Education and Promotion

Minor: Psychology

What do you like best about your major? While many of us want to be healthy, we don’t always know the best way how. My major focus’s on making the healthy choice, the easy choice and I love learning new ways to adopt and promote health around me!

What makes Plymouth State Special? For me, the most special thing about Plymouth is the area and the people. Being right next to so much natural beauty, there are endless opportunities to experience nature and seek unforgettable adventure. Not to mention, this small community has some of the nicest people you’ll ever encounter and that’s something you don’t always see in a city setting.

Why is giving back to Plymouth State important? Our school relies heavily on alumni support and thanks to contributors who believe in the growth and prosperity of our university, students like me are able to learn in a more hands on way, using exciting new opportunities involving academics, athletics, and recreation! I am so thankful for all the resources that have been available to me during my time here at Plymouth and none of it would be possible without the support from alumni like you!


Michelle Ciardelli '21
Hometown: Peterborough, NH

Major: Youth Development

What do you like best about your major? I really like the professors within my major. They have all reached out and have showed me that they genuinely care.

What makes Plymouth State Special? Plymouth is special because of the community and the feel of the campus. Everyone seems to be close-knit and coming from a small home town it is nice to have a similar feeling.

Why is giving back to Plymouth State important? Giving back to PSU is important to help students succeed in life. Some cannot do it on their own, but everyone deserves to better their future and create the life they want to live. 


Lauren LaMontagne '19
Hometown: Burrillville, RI

Major: Nursing

What do you like best about your major? What I like best about my major is how I will be able to take my knowledge of everything that I’ve learned here, through the great professors and courses, and go out into the real world once I graduate and start helping people.

Why is giving back to Plymouth State important? Giving back to PSU is so important because the campus wouldn’t be as gorgeous or the students wouldn’t have all the opportunities they would have if it weren’t from alumni giving back. Plymouth really gives back to the students and that is all with the help of the donations received.

What makes Plymouth State special? What makes Plymouth State special is the family atmosphere you get when you walk around campus. Everyone is always so friendly and it really feels like home when you are here.


Maddison Stevens '19
Hometown: Kennebunk, ME

Major: Social Work, Children and Families Option

Minor: Pre Law and Gerontology

What do you like best about your major? What I like best about my major Is that a lot of the professors worked or are still currently working in the social work profession so when they are teaching they are able to give more personalized stories comparable to what we are learning. This is a great experience for me because it gives a real feel of what it will be like to work in the social work field.

Why is giving back to PSU important? It is important to give back to PSU because all of the great opportunities and relationships I’ve had and made have been made possible by people who had the same experiences giving back to make this possible for others. Without the support of past alumni many students including myself wouldn’t be able to have these experiences.

What makes Plymouth State special? Plymouth Sate is special because from the moment I stepped on campus I felt at home, PSU has helped me make friends I will have for the rest of my life. As well as a strong connection with professors and faculty that benefits my learning and future.


Olivia Maly '19
Hometown: Abington, MA

Major: Business Administration

What do you like best about your major? The amount of career opportunities given to me as well as the connections I make along the way.

What makes Plymouth State Special? Plymouth State brings you a personal, homey connection inside and out of the classroom. The college town is the perfect spot for personal and educational advancements.

Why is giving back to Plymouth State important? Giving back to PSU gives college students new opportunities both financially and through the college developments. Buildings like Merrill Place and AllWell North, which were built by the help of donors, all contribute to student life. Scholarships and financially help for students is another huge part of student advancement that donors contribute too, to help keep PSU a place we call home.


Amy Hyder '21
Hometown: Stratham, NH

Major: Social Work

What do you like best about your major? I like that my major is about helping people. Being a social worker is something I always thought I would do.  My major is going to lead to such a fulfilling life to me because I will never stop helping others. My major is going to make my professional career feel less like a job, and more like where I want to be each day I wake up.

What makes Plymouth State Special? I knew that Plymouth State was the school for me in the first five minutes of my tour during my junior year of high school. Plymouth is beautiful, friendly, and has always made me feel at home.

Why is giving back to Plymouth State important? Giving back to PSU is important because although many of you have left Plymouth, and I will too, Plymouth will always be a part of us. The professors, the classes, the games, the clubs, and more are still here. It’s important to support those who have once supported you.


Michelle Bishop '21
Hometown: Middleboro, MA

Major: Environmental Chemistry

What do you like best about your major? The thing I like the most about my major is how much of a challenge it is. I like learning about why things work the way they do and how things react with each other.

What makes Plymouth State Special? Plymouth State is special to me because I love how relaxed it is. I picture other colleges to be extremely crowded and fast paced, Plymouth feels like a home away from home.

Why is giving back to Plymouth State important? Giving back is important within PSU because it can help students like me, who are less fortunate, to have the opportunity to get an education.