Advancement Scholarship Application

The application for all Advancement Scholarships will be open from January 1 through March 31.

PLEASE NOTE: This online application is for all six scholarships awarded through the advancement office.  Please apply only once for the awards listed below:

William S. Belvin Scholarship – This endowment fund provides an annual scholarship for tuition and fees to one undergraduate student enrolled in a full time degree granting program, who has demonstrated the capacity to succeed at Plymouth State University, has maintained a GPA of 3.2 over at least three semesters, and has a need for financial assistance that is incremental to their own contributions toward the cost of their University education. Preference may be given to students who are the first in their family to seek a baccalaureate degree.

J. Philip and Eva M. Duguay Scholarship – The purpose of this endowed fund is to provide a scholarship to a Plymouth State, need based undergraduate, with a preference, should two candidates be equally qualified, for first-generation students.

Harold E. Hyde Scholarship – The purpose of this endowed fund is to provide a scholarship to a student who demonstrates a strong record of academic achievement. Criteria includes an exemplary record of leadership and service, and a commitment to activities whose purpose is to further the cause of international understanding. The endowment also has an interest in students majoring in education administration, though this is not a requirement for eligibility.

Imagine A way Scholarship – The purpose of the Imagine A Way Scholarship Endowment is to support scholarships for students who have financial need or who may be among the first generation in their family to attend college.

Forrest Martin and Opal Marie Steen Scholarship – The purpose of the Forrest Martin and Opal Marie Steen Scholarship is to provide a scholarship to a need-based undergraduate Plymouth State student, with a preference, should two candidates be equally qualified, for first-generation students. The award may be renewed for up to four years total if overall GPA is 3.0 or above.

Ann L. Wharton Scholarship  – The Ann L. Wharton Scholarship is awarded to a student who is completing his or her junior year and will be returning to PSU for his/her senior year of study. The scholarship should be used to offset tuition costs incurred during the senior year. A full year of study remaining is preferred in order to be considered for this award. The award should support a student who has demonstrated superior academic performance after overcoming a substantive obstacle or personal challenge. Such obstacles or challenges include, but are not limited to initial academic disappointment or failure; a physical challenge; or financial or economic obstacles. In each case, recipients should have demonstrated in their lives and University careers those qualities exemplified by Ann L. Wharton: courage, hard work, persistence, and generosity to others.

Students may receive only one of the advancement awards in any academic year. Each application will be considered for any of the six awards although the application does request that you specify which two awards you feel most qualified for.

  1. Please fill out the information on this scholarship application.
  2. You must upload an essay (one page as a PDF or Word DOC) that describes how you fit the scholarship criteria of the award you feel most qualified for and why you make a good candidate for your selected scholarship. Include information on any special abilities, leadership positions held, honors received, participation in co-curricular activities, or other qualifications that should be considered.
  3. You need to submit a copy of your unoffical transcript; either by uploading a PDF with your online application or by sending a copy through campus mail to Diane Tiffany, MSC 50.
  4. You must have a PSU faculty or staff member email or mail a letter of recommendation to Diane Tiffany; or MSC 50.
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