ALLWell South

Ice Arena & Welcome Center

In the fall of 2010, Plymouth State University opened—almost literally—a new door to the world. The Ice Arena and Welcome Center greeted returning students and visitors coming into Plymouth and since its opening has demonstrated the powerful impact that state-of-the-art university facilities have on the students, teams, and community members who work, learn, and play there everyday:

  • A hockey championship.
  • An energized student body.
  • Expanded opportunities for athletic training and performance analysis.
  • Newly engaged alumni.
  • A distinct role in the future of a region and a state.

The Ice Arena and Welcome Center has fundamentally changed the student experience at Plymouth State University, increased the University’s ability to train the professionals of the future, and strengthened the relationship and synergy between the University and its greater community. It represents a prominent, public commitment to environmental sustainability. It has attracted students to campus who otherwise would have taken their talent and energy elsewhere.

With the ALLWell project, the University has taken a bold, visible step toward stronger engagement with the issues and needs of its students, its community, and its state. The construction of the Ice Arena and Welcome Center was the first step.

ALLWell I Fund

Supporting the Ice Arena and Welcome Center’s ongoing operation and programming supports the scaling up of an increasingly prominent state university. It supports momentum that’s already making a difference. It honors the ALLWell project vision and the commitment the University has made to its students and its greater community.

The ALLWell I Fund has been established to provide funding for programming within the welcome center and ice arena and to maintain the 60,000-square-foot facility.

  • Named Giving Opportunities for visionary supporters to leave their own legacies or make tribute or memorial gifts in honor of someone special.
  • Corporate Sponsorships provide strategic marketing opportunities for businesses to have increased brand recognition in the region.