ALLWell South naming opportunities

The first phase of the ALLWell project, the Ice Arena & Welcome Center, has demonstrated the powerful impact that state-of-the-art university facilities have on the students, teams, and community members who work, learn, and play there everyday:

A hockey championship.

  • An energized student body.
  • A captivated and proud community.
  • Greatly expanded opportunities for athletic training and performance analysis.
  • A new undergraduate major in sports management.
  • Newly engaged alumni.
  • Increased public visibility and campus visits.
  • A distinct role in the future of a region and a state.
Spaces Available Giving Level
ALLWell South
(Ice Arena and Welcome Center)
1/1 $2,000,000
West-side patio entrance 1/1 $100,000
Behind seating mezzanines 2/2 $60,000
Coach offices 2/2 $30,000
Mezzanine 1/2 $25,000
West Hallway, Welcome Center 1/1 $25,000
Zamboni room 1/1 $25,000
Rink manager office 1/1 $15,000
Assistant manager office 1/1 $15,000
Visitor locker rooms 2/2 $10,000
Officials locker rooms 3/3 $10,000
Lockers 35/52 $1,000
Seats 641/862 $500
Program Funds Available Giving Level
Varsity Hockey Program Fund – Supports the cost of conducting the men’s and women’s varsity hockey programs 1/1 $500,000
Health and Human Performance Program Fund – Supports the cost of conducting the HHP academic program 1/1 $250,000
Student Recreation Program Fund – Supports the cost of conducting the recreation and club sports programs 1/1 $250,000