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2022 GNCC Arena Curling Championships

The 2022 GNCC Arena Curling Championships results!

A event winners – Rutland Rocks 1

Amanda Bogertman (lead), Tristan MacGregor-Stewart (second), Dean Mooney (vice) and Linda Mercier (skip)
A event runner-up – Long Island 1
Elizabeth Harmon (lead), Jack Glanzer (second), Colin Kasprowicz (vice) and Frank Boquicchio (skip)
D event winners – Rocket City 1
Sarah Spear (lead), Sam Curtis (second), Andrew Spear (vice) and Shane Stewart (skip)
D event runner-up – Ocean State 1
Brad Caetano (lead), Jordan Maddock (second), Howard Taylor (vice) and Kathy Ervin (skip)
B event winner – Mount Washington Valley/Plymouth Rocks 1
Eleanor Mardin (lead), Linda Levy (second), Sherry Marceau (vice) and Paul Valle (skip)
B event runner-up – South Shore
Mary Beth Corderio (lead), Dan Smith (second), Kieran Chapman (vice) and Jamie Quinn (skip)
C event winner – Long Island 2
Phil Hecken (lead), Marie Romanyszyn (second), Keith Wisbauer (vice) and Eric Romanyszyn (skip)
C event runner-up – Rutland 2
Tracy Frazee (lead), Scott Stewart (second), Seth Walker (vice) and Kate Thomas (skip)

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