Art Department Health And Safety Guide


Art Department Safety Policy

It is our policy to take all practical steps to provide a learning community that is free from recognized threats to life and health. The Art Department will, therefore, maintain a proactive Health & Safety Program that will be in full compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations. Each member of our learning community has a particular responsibility for acting in a safe manner and for reporting unsafe conditions immediately. In carrying out this responsibility, the Health & Safety Officer should be called upon for assistance, but the availability of such assistance in no way reduces an individual’s responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.The students, faculty, and staff are the vital resources in our community and their well-being is of primary importance.


The Public Safety Department at the University is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is equipped and trained to handle emergency situations that may occur on campus. Emergency telephones are located in the corridors of all campus buildings. Simply lifting the receiver puts you in immediate contact with the Public Safety Department. Emergency numbers on campus to remember are:

Emergencies: 911

For all other business: Extension 52330

Plymouth Police Department: (603) 536-1804

All emergencies must be reported immediately to your instructor or technician. The University has installed first aid kits in open studios for emergency use. Know the location of these kits for each department. Report any empty kits to an instructor or technician. Eyewash and deluge showers are located in appropriate studio areas. Chemicals in the eyes or on the skin require a minimum of 15 minutes rinse with an eyewash or shower, followed immediately by emergency medical attention by a doctor or nurse.  As a convenience, the a emergency procedures are presented in check-list fashion below. Please take a few minutes to review the Emergency Information section and make copies for handy future reference.

For further safety information and access to other safety resources call the campus Health and Safety Officer, Katie Caron (603) 535-2409.


In Case of Fire:

1. Leave the immediate area, closing all doors behind you.

2. Sound alarm by pulling handle on the fire alarm station.

3. Call Campus Police at 911 or on Extension 52330.

4. Use a portable fire extinguisher only if you know how to do so and the fire is very small.

Sound the fire alarm before using a portable extinguisher.

In Case of Injury:

1. If chemicals are on skin or in eyes then immediately start rinsing affected area with water.

2. If possible, remove victim from immediate cause of injury and call Campus Police at 911 or on Extension 52330.

In Case of Spill or Leak:

1. Turn off all ignition sources and open all outside doors/windows to let any flammable vapors escape.

2. Call Campus Police at 911 or on Extension 52330.

3. Evacuate area immediately if spill or leak produces hazardous vapors.

4. Use spill kit, if possible, to contain spill/leak so it won’t spread further. Wear appropriate protective equipment.

Reporting an Emergency

When Reporting an Emergency:

1. Give exact location of emergency (Bldg., Rm., Etc.).

2. Give your name & phone no. from where you’re calling.

3. Describe nature of emergency (fire, leak, spill, injury).

4. Stay near phone, if possible, for additional instructions.

Emergency Information

Nearest Telephone: Each floor has an emergency telephone

For emergencies: 911

For all other business: Extension 52330

Plymouth Police Department:(603) 536-1804

PSU Emergency Coordinator: Katie Caron, (603) 535-2409

Department Safety Coordinator: Tom Driscoll, (603) 535-2422