Art History


The Bachelor of Arts in Art History places the history of art within the context of history, religion, aesthetics, politics, language, and civilization. You will examine the history, theory, and criticism of both Western and non-Western art and learn about media and cultural studies. With its focus on the liberal arts, the Bachelor of Arts in Art History degree allows students to explore interdisciplinary connections with other fields across the curriculum, and to consider a range of minors, which may be tailored to career opportunities around the world.

You’ll have the opportunity to deepen your educational experience through internships, in which you’ll apply what you’ve learned in class to the real world, and through study abroad programs, which will broaden your perspective and enrich your learning.

What can I do with an art history degree?
The art history degree prepares students for exciting careers in museums, galleries, arts administration, classrooms, and more. You’ll develop a wide range of skills including critical and creative thinking, advanced research and writing, and effective communication—all of which are highly desirable in the job market and are transferable to a broad range of professional opportunities, including:

  • Museum or gallery professional (e.g., director, curator, registrar, exhibit designer, educator)
  • Art conservator
  • Historic preservationist
  • Art administrator
  • Media librarian
  • Art critic

The art history degree also provides a foundation for graduate training in fields including:

  • Art history
  • Anthropology
  • Architecture
  • Art conservation
  • Film or cultural studies
  • Law and cultural property