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  • Plymouth State Weather Center The Plymouth State Weather Center is becoming one the most sought-after sources of weather information. During Hurricane Charley in August 2004, this PSU Web site received more than 5 million hits! As the storm approached Florida’s coast and shortly after landfall, we were receiving more than 50 requests per second—more than 300,000 viewers per hour. The PSU Weather Center provides comprehensive weather information, including observations, tutorials, satellite and radar data and more. These links will lead you to just a small sampling of what’s available:
    • Make Your Own …—use this tool to create weather maps and other weather data products.
    • Cloud Boutique provides classification information, explanations of and access to detailed pictures of some basic cloud forms.
    • Here Comes the Sun is a tutorial all about the sun and its effect on the Earth.
    • Composition and Layers of the Atmosphere is a self-guided tutorial examining the atmosphere: its composition, evolution, layers and more.
    • Precipitation: Formation to Measurement is a tutorial covering precipitation, how it forms and how we measuring it. Learn everything from a cloud’s formation to the amazing variety of precipitation the atmosphere can produce.
    • Balanced Atmospheric Flows—use this tutorial to learn all about how the wind blows—and why, and where.

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