Biological Sciences Awards Ceremony 2018


The 2018 Award Ceremony honored students for their hard work and achievement. The awardees are pictured above, Back left to right) Jacob Mozier (Michele Pruyn First Year Book Award), Andrew Mozier (Robert L. Boyd Award), Vahid Keirollah (Senior Research Service Award), Leo Shattuck (Anatomy and Physiology Fellowship), Kyle Manning (Anatomy and Physiology Fellowship), (Front left to right): Samantha Mangano (Anatomy and Physiology Fellowship), Kayla Walazek (Senior Research Service Award), Gita Khanal (Senior Research Service Award), Fiona McEnany (Senior Research Service Award), and Dominique Tarr (Geneva Smith Memorial Scholarship). Unable to attend were Hannah Dermako (Hunter Baney Barton Memorial Scholarship), Hannah Sage (Anatomy and Physiology Fellowship), Panagiota Jumpre (Senior Research Service Award), and Dominique Van Rossum (Commencement 2018 Biological Sciences Distinguished Graduating Student and Sash Wearer and Senior Research Service Award).

Congratulations to all of our Award winners!