Undergraduate Biology Degrees

We want you to be an active agent in your own education. Our undergraduate degree programs prepare you to be a scientifically critical thinker, explorer and skilled biologist.

  • You might determine genetic risk factors underlying atherosclerosis, or slog around in Great Bay estuary following a horseshoe crab with a sonar transmitter.
  • In the expansive natural laboratory surrounding the University, you might study the impact of radio transmission and wind towers on bird behavior or the construction of roads on brook trout habitat.
  • You might study the impacts of environmental toxins and pharmaceuticals on physiology and behavior or the effects of elevation on the prevalence of rare plants.
  • At the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest just 15 miles from campus, you might capture and track salamanders in one of the premier ecosystem study sites in the world.

Degree Programs and Options


Biology Requirements
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