Undergraduate Degrees, Options & Minors

We want you to be an active agent in your own education. Our undergraduate degree programs prepare you to be a scientifically critical thinker, explorer and skilled biologist.

  • You might determine gender of birds using molecular markers, or slog around in a tropical mangrove or red maple swamp following a bird with a radio transmitter.
  • In the expansive natural laboratory surrounding the University, you might study the impact of humans on remote, high elevation ponds or freshwater jellyfish in New Hampshire lakes. Or you might study changes in tree species composition along an elevation gradient by climbing local mountains.
  • You might study a variety of cells with electron microscopy and electron microscopic tomography.
  • At an experimental forest just 15 miles from campus, you might conduct nondestructive studies in one of the premier ecosystem study sites in the world.

Degree Programs and Options


Biology Requirements
Neuroscience Requirements