Christina Bradbury


Professor Christina Bradbury demonstrates the value of an undergraduate degree from Plymouth State University. Her PSU Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and minor in Mathematics prepared her to earn a Master of Science in Finance. With that, she became a senior financial analyst for the Bank of New Hampshire. Most recently she received her Doctorate in Business Administration from Anderson University. Her published doctoral research is on financial management in the healthcare industry, so her expertise is in demand. She has presented her research at conferences across the country, and she creates and delivers training webinars for the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Professor Bradbury found her passion for teaching while participating in a community outreach Junior Achievement program at a local high school.

Q: What challenges has teaching at the undergraduate level presented you?

A: “Most students have not studied accounting or finance in high school, so they are anxious coming into their first college classes in these subjects. Helping students overcome their initial anxiety is a big part of what I enjoy about teaching. Introducing them to this material gives me an opportunity to support their personal growth by teaching them the language of business.”

Q: What do students discover about you after getting to know you?

A: I pride myself on organization and am very detail-oriented when it comes to the courses I teach. But, what students discover is that I’m more laid-back than they thought I’d be. My students and I share a lot of common interests: running, skiing, and hiking. They also learn that I coach basketball for my daughter’s team.

Q: Your students say you “put yourself in their shoes” and, at the same time, you are “an expert in your field.” What are some things you do to stay current in your field?

A: “Like a student, I consider myself to be a work-in-process. I ask a lot of questions, not only of my students, but of myself. I always have research project in process and I attend professional conferences. You will find me attending regional and national conferences of American Accounting Association, the Healthcare Financial Management Association and the International Atlantic Economic Society.”