Delta Mu Delta Honor Society


Theta Sigma is the Plymouth State University chapter of Delta Mu Delta.

Delta Mu Delta is a business honor society that recognizes and encourages academic excellence of students at qualifying colleges and universities to create a DMD community that fosters the well-being of its individual members and the business community through life-time membership. Plymouth State University has been a recognized participating member chapter of the Delta Mu Delta business honor society since 1998 with more than 1,000 Delta Mu Delta members inducted to the Plymouth State University chapter.

Are you a business student who strives to differentiate yourself as a top performer? Do you want to join an organization comprised of the brightest business minds on campus? If so then you should strive to become a member of PSU’s chapter of Delta Mu Delta, an internationally recognized Business Honors Society. You will earn recognition for academic excellence when you are invited to join Delta Mu Delta.

To be invited to become a member of Delta Mu Delta you must meet the membership qualification selection guidelines per the Plymouth State University, Theta Sigma, Delta Mu Delta Chapter bylaws:

Undergraduate students who are candidates for the Baccalaureate Degree with a major in Accounting, Economics, Management or Marketing
Graduate students who are candidates for the Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

All undergraduate candidates for membership must have completed at least 50% of their degree undergraduate coursework requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.4 for 60-72 earned credits and 3.2 for earned credit hours over 96. They also must be in the top 20%* of their class in cumulative grade point averages, be of good character and have written approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.

All graduate candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 and be in the top 20%* of their class in cumulative grade point averages, be of good character and have written approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.

* the top 20% shall mean the highest twenty percent of the entire School of Business Administration class; junior class, senior class, and graduate class

The selection process begins in January following the completion of the fall semester and those selected for invitation to the Theta Sigma Delta Mu Delta Chapter will be notified via email invitation. The formal induction ceremony will be held in April during the Convocation dinner.

With Delta Mu Delta membership on your resume, you will stand out, displaying your hard work and dedication to excellence in academics, you will find your passion for business and Delta Mu Delta will find you!

For more information please contact the DMD faculty advisors:

George Pettinico @ email:
Tinglan Yang @ email:
Bonnie Murley @ email:

Introducing the Delta Mu Delta elected officers for Academic Year 2018-2019:

President: Kylie Hershey
Vice President: Carter Medeiros
Treasurer: Megan Anderson
Secretary: Zach Rosa
All-Star Support: Kyle Saunders