MAPS: The Marketing Association of Plymouth State

Anything you can imagine you can make happen with self-directed teams of students in the Marketing Association of Plymouth State, commonly known as MAPS. For example, a PSU tradition started when MAPS imagined a rail jam event to showcase snowboarding skills. Well-established fundraisers, like Chuck-A-Puck at hockey games, are designed and delivered by MAPS. If you want to hone branding and social media skills, you will find opportunities with MAPS.

When you join MAPS you become part of a nationally ranked chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). In competitions at the March 2016 national conference, MAPS ranked in the top 25 of 400+ universities nationwide.

Many MAPS members are not marketing majors, so you will make friends from across campus. With your new friends at MAPS, you will gain real world experiences that set you apart when you search for internships and jobs. As a result, 100% of MAPS members secured jobs within six months of graduation. Start to live your future now when you join MAPS.

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MAPS Executive Board

President Jennifer Santucci
Vice-President Matt Puleo
Treasurer Zac Ryan
Fundraising Jackson Wheeler
Fundraising Tyler Pelletier
Community Service Kaila Martin
Graphic Design Brittany Bouchard
Case Study/Corporate Sponsorship Jake Gordon
Professional Development Adrianna Cudia
Membership Brianna Melendez
COMPASS Kylee-Ann Drew
COMPASS Derek Hill
STATEMENT Jackson Wheeler
Vice-President for Statement Matt Puleo
Communications for Statement Haley Morin
Faculty Advisor Brad Allen
Faculty Advisor Greg Dumont