Social Justice Writing Competition

Fiction and Poetry Writing Competition

Poets and Writers along with Caring Campus Coalition (C 3) and Panthers for Peace, would like to welcome students to participate in the first annual writing competition at Plymouth State University. The categories for this year are short fiction (750 words or less) and poetry. There will be three prizes awarded in each category and the winners will be asked to read their work at a reading on the evening of Dec. 2nd in the Courtroom of the Hartman Union Building. This reading is part of a day of peace that will begin with WPCR broadcasting shows throughout the day that are dedicated to addressing social justice issues and concerns facing us today. Professors Liz Ahl and Paul Rogalus will be the final judges. Prizes will be announced for the top 3 winners in each category on Nov. 25th.

The Theme

The theme for the writing competition is social justice. When you look around the world, or close to home, where do you see inequality, bias, prejudice, racism, or other forms of discrimination? In other words, where do you see unfairness, what does it look like and what can be done? Some other questions to think about might be how injustice happens and what the value of activism and education are in addressing it.

Writers should feel free to explore these and any questions or personal experiences related to issues of social justice however they would like.