Monthly Prayer Service and Supper

Once a month, the pastor of the local Catholic Church, Fr. Leo LeBlanc, hosts students for a prayer service and supper. We start at 6 p.m. for the prayer service at the Holy Trinity Parish Rectory, a large white house located behind Belknap Hall, at the corner of Highland and Langdon Streets. Then we have a delicious supper provided by parishioners.

Note: For Lent, we have a soup supper in Frost Commons, the white house between Blair Hall and St. Matthew church, followed by a Taize prayer service at St. Matthew church, located behind Frost Commons and Blair Hall.

Think of a big holiday dinner, with lots of talking and laughing. The atmosphere is very relaxed and casual. Bring friends, even if they are not Catholic. It’s a great way to end the weekend and get ready for the coming week!

In Spring 2019, they will be held February 10, March 3, and April 7 (at Frost Commons and St. Matthew church).  On April 28, students will prepare a Thank You dinner for parishioners who provided dishes for the suppers throughout the year. To attend, contact Kathy Tardif so that we have enough food for everyone.