Recovery@PSU (Episcopal)

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Recovery@PSU is a campus ministry of the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire at Plymouth State University. The Rev. Sandi Albom, a priest in the Episcopal Church is our chaplain. In partnership with the Caring Campus Coalition, Recovery@PSU seeks to provide education and spiritual support to the campus community with a particular, though not exclusive, focus on the issues of addiction, Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and to carry the hopeful message of healing and recovery.

Our purpose is to cultivate a community of friends, seeking meaning and purpose in our lives and learning to follow in the Way of Jesus. We gather in various and creative ways to share spiritual nourishment with one another, listen to stories, reflect on our lives, pray and seek to discover God’s voice in all things.

We believe that growing in faith is a life-long journey to which we bring our whole selves, hearts and minds. We strive to be an open community, welcoming all people as Christ and inviting them to share their unique gifts and insights, that we might learn together.