About the CBCP

What is the Center for Business & Community Partnerships? The Center for Business and Community Partnerships (CBCP) at Plymouth State University is an ecosystem of innovation. The CBCP dedicates Plymouth State’s research, outreach, and educational capacities to advance collaborative, reciprocal projects that encourage student engagement and faculty scholarship. To this end, the CBCP serves as the point of contact for high impact and experiential teaching, learning, and scholarship in which students and faculty engage industry (both commercial and not-for-profit) and community partners.

What is the Center’s Mission? The Center for Business and Community Partnerships dedicates Plymouth State University’s research, outreach, and educational capacities to foster collaborative partnerships that promote engagement with the world around us.

What does the CBCP do? The CBCP creates interdisciplinary relationships linking external partners to the strategic clusters in which Plymouth State scholars and students collaborate on issues of scientific, intellectual, social, economic, environmental and cultural importance. Specifically, the CBCP helps develop opportunities for economic engagement, innovation management, and community impact by leveraging industry needs, student capacity, and community outcomes:


What are the Guiding Principles of the CBCP? The core values of the CBCP include reciprocity, trust, and mutual opportunity. Inherent in our work is the sense that higher education must work together with industry, students, and community to create mutually beneficial exchanges of knowledge and resources. To this end, the CBCP’s work will be grounded in the Scholarship of Engagement, which values a democratic and deliberate advancement of the public good through participation, inclusion, and reciprocity in the problem-solving process.