CFT Vision

The Center’s purpose is to provide guidance and support services for faculty, staff, and community partners so that they may educate and meaningfully impact students.   Our guiding principle is, by transforming ourselves and what we do, we promote our students to excel and become their best selves.

Ultimately, the goals are to:

 Inspire students to learn how to learn; instill a growth mindset; provide the tools for thinking critically and analytically; and to induce intellectual growth

  • Mobilize students to learn relevant content and acquire meaningful skills in their chosen major(s) and position them for success in future careers by effectively preparing them for the 21st Century workforce
  • Envision and develop holistic educational opportunities and experiences for students inside and outside the classroom and empower them to grow into capable, connected, and contributing citizens, socially responsible leaders, and lifelong learners

To succeed in these goals, the Center’s strategy is to:

 Redefine professional development and personal growth:

    • Offer workshops, resources, and support across the career span to faculty and staff and recognize accomplishments
    • Organize stimulating round-table discussions on leadership, emotional intelligence, communications, negotiations, etc. that will enable faculty and staff to grow professionally and personally
    • Create and guide mentoring networks for staff and faculty to support each other, learn with and from each other, and grow in their jobs and as individuals
  • Build community through meaningful collaboration:
    • Jointly with other centers on campus, support faculty and staff to work together to enhance students’ academic development through work on innovative projects within the university’s transdisciplinary integrated clusters
    • Inspire staff and faculty to respectfully communicate during the numerous workshops, seminars, and round-tables offered by the Center and thereby create a safe and nourishing environment conducive to meaningful and fruitful collaborations
    • Act as a resource for both faculty and staff, coaching them on strategies of how to jointly empower their students to reflect and find meaning in their studies and life

 Promote excellence and innovation in teaching and learning:

    • Provide outstanding research-based educational development opportunities to faculty that advance active learning-centered teaching
    • Support faculty in creating and cultivating exciting learning environments for their students that involve technology, open labs, external partnerships, entrepreneurial innovation, and experiential learning
    • Offer workshops, individualized meetings, and round-tables on teaching, learning, and assessment and support faculty as they explore innovative teaching strategies to enhance student engagement and learning