High Impact Learning FAQs

Q: What is high impact learning?

A: High impact learning engages students in experiential opportunities off campus with partnering organizations and businesses. In this way students apply what they are learning in the classroom in practical settings that develop professional skill sets while positively impacting the community.


Q: What kinds of high impact learning opportunities are offered through the Center for Transformation?

A: The center facilitates service learning, community service, including off campus federal work study, and our new Co-Op program. The center engages students in different levels of experiences and time commitments from one-day service projects to semester long experiences.


Q: What is service learning and whom should I contact about service learning opportunities?

A: Service learning is a pedagogy that combines academic curriculum with meaningful service, which enhances learning through reflection.


Q: What is community service and whom should I contact about a community service opportunity?

A: Community service is when students engage in volunteer experiences that benefit our local community.


Q: What is the Co-Op program all about?

A: The Co-Op program creates paid employment opportunities for students within their fields of study with our partnering organizations or businesses. These experiences are not associated with academic credit, but do provide practical experience to develop professional skill sets.


Q: How could I gain an off campus community service federal work study position?

A: We have a number of federal work study positions at partnering organizations. To view all available positions follow this link: https://campus.plymouth.edu/cbcp/high-impact-learning/high-impact-learning-opportunities/.


Q: How could I get involved in service trips?

A: The center facilitates both domestic and international service trips during winterim and spring break.


Q: I have an idea for a high impact learning project, but I am not sure how to get started. Who should I contact for help?

A: The center would be happy to assist you in developing your project idea and connecting you to the appropriate off campus partners. To learn more please contact


For more information please contact Jessica Dutille at (603)-535-2372, jadutille@plymouth.edu or Casey Krafton at (603)-535-3274, cakrafton@plymouth.edu.