Showcase of Excellence 2014

Student Showcase of Excellence 2014

A Celebration of Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Works

Friday, April 25
2–7 p.m.

In the Hartman Union Building (HUB) at Plymouth State University

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  • A Student Research Poster Session (for all student researchers)
  • Student Symposium of Scholarship & Creative Works (from all disciplines)

Weather, electricity, toxins, wildlife, agriculture, business, music, dance and literature will all be on display at the annual Plymouth State University Student Showcase of Excellence.

The Student Showcase of Excellence features student research projects from a variety of disciplines from science to the arts to the humanities. This a free event open for the campus community to attend and see the achievements of these students. This year’s event is going to be taking place at the Hartman Union Building (HUB) on PSU’s main campus.

The 2014 Student Showcase of Excellence will include projects representing a range of academic disciplines and demonstrating outstanding student scholarship. Students representing more than 16 academic departments will display and demonstrate original research in the sciences, arts and humanities. In addition to poster and table displays, there will be original music and dance performances.

Some of the research done is offered in connection with the National Institutes of Health’s IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) grant to increase opportunities for faculty and student research. These projects range from biology and chemistry research to examinations of various environmental impacts.

Applying for the Showcase: The Student Showcase of Excellence is now accepting applications through CompetitionSpace. Students should use their email address when registering for a free account with this portal. After creating an account, participants must simply click on the Student Showcase of Excellence link under conferences, and follow the instructions for applying.

Poster Printing: posters should be printed well in advance of the showcase and students who want to print on campus at a discounted rate must get it to the Social Science department by 4/23 (Tuesday before the Showcase).  There are other options for printing at Megaprint at the student’s expense.  Please e-mail posters to

Student Showcase Committee Members:

Chair: Thad Guldbrandsen

Members: Steve Barba, David Beröna, John Clark, Kate Donahue, Kelsey Donnelly, Jonathan Gilbert (student), Tim Kershner, Angela Kilb, Byron Middlekauf, George Tuthill, and Cynthia Vascak.