Student Stories

 “This type of experience delves into real life learning, something many students may not have experienced in school-like settings, something that cannot be experienced in a classroom setting. Working with experts in their field, building contacts with these same people and individuals that could possibly play a crucial role in finding careers in the future.”  

-K. Bourguin, PSU Student

Field Work


 “The Pemi Youth Center has not only positively affected my experience here at Plymouth State, but it has also contributed to the person I am today. Throughout my four years attending this university I have had many fantastic experiences, but none as great as working at the Pemi Youth Center. I have made amazing friendships with fellow staff members, as well as great connections with the outstanding kids that attend the youth center. The memories I have created at this amazing establishment will truly last me a lifetime. It all started as a few community service hours I needed for a class, but after my first day, the kids here had my heart. Now it is three and half years later and I have not looked back once, and I now consider the people I have met here to be a second family. Spending every day with them; doing homework, recreational activities, cooking, mentoring, field trips, and so much more, made me a better person.”

-Helen Wells, Class of 2013

Service Learning Photo 3



I believe the most important thing I took away from this semester is to be more understanding and kind to others.  This semester has taught me that everyone is fighting their own battles and judging people doesn’t make those problems go away.  I feel as though this semester has taught me to be more patient with my students and to really listen to people.  I feel as humans we talk all day long to so many different people, but I feel that sometimes we aren’t truly listening to what a person is saying and that is an important skill to have as public servants such as teachers, social workers, and mentors.”

Colby Aubut,PSU Student in Mentoring and Empowering Youth Course