Syllabus Checklist

PSU Curriculum Committee Course Syllabus Checklist. All PSU syllabi should minimally contain the following components:

• Course number and title, # of credits, Semester and year

• Instructor name, contact information, office hours

• Course Description: the formally accepted course description as printed in the catalog

• Pre-requisites and/or co-requisites • Additional Descriptors

• General Education (if applicable): the catalog description of applicable General Education component

• Student Learning Outcomes: same for all sections of a course

• Required readings and materials

• Course Outline

• Assignments and Activities (including the date of the final exam or final activity)

• OSHA Standards/Safety regulations (if applicable)

• Excused Absence Policy: Click to View

• Fair grading. Click to View

• Academic honesty/integrity policy: Click to View

• ADA Statement: Plymouth State University is committed to providing students with documented disabilities equal access to all university programs and facilities. If you think you have a disability requiring accommodations, you should contact Campus Accessibility Services (CAS), located in Speare (535-3300) to determine whether you are eligible for such accommodations. Academic accommodations will only be considered for students who have registered with CAS. If you have a Letter of Accommodation for this course from CAS, please provide the instructor with that information privately so that you and the instructor can review those accommodations.

• Other: For instance, many like to add statements about what to do if there is inclement weather/closings, or personal policies about classroom etiquette, etc.