Graduate Courses

All graduate courses are identified by a discipline code and a 5000-level or above four-digit number (e.g., ED 5030).

Undergraduate Courses

The Counselor Education and School Psychology Department offers 2 undergraduate General Education courses.

CODI2050 Helping Skills in Society – 3 credits
Familiarizes students with the constructs of a helping relationship within a diverse society. Provides opportunities to practice various helping techniques and processes that form the foundation of altruism and service across cultures. Students identify necessary attributes of an effective helper and engage in exercises designed to increase self-awareness and further expand upon basic helping skills. Discusses and encourages strategies for self-care. Falls and Springs. (SSDI)

CODI2060 Interpersonal Conflict Resolution – 3 credits
Familiarizes students with the nature of interpersonal conflict as it exists in dyads and among groups. Students learn to identify conflict styles in themselves and others and how culture, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors impact conflict and conflict resolution. Students practice communication skills that aid in resolving conflict. Springs. (SSDI)