The fields of Counseling, School Psychology, Human Relations, and Personal and Organizational Wellness are steeped in the foundation of altruistic service. As a student in one of these programs, you will enhance your interpersonal skills, while at the same time, deepening your knowledge of social and cultural diversity, human development, research, and counseling and/or educational theory. The Counselor Education and School Psychology Department strives to uphold the highest educational standards in following its vision, mission, and process.


The Department envisions a world where there is more justice, compassion, human rights, and human dignity. This can be accomplished by greater democratic participation, appreciation of diversity, and a commitment to the common good.


The Counselor Education & School Psychology Department seeks to prepare professionals who are engaged in the ongoing processes of increased self-awareness, and enhanced interpersonal effectiveness. A commitment to social justice is promoted through an emphasis on honoring and recognizing the diversity that exists within society and through the development of skills necessary to implement interventions aimed at transforming individuals and institutions.


In order to accomplish our mission and vision, the Department actively encourages students to have a voice in the development of policies and procedures at the department, program, and classroom levels. Moreover, a focus of instruction is to promote systemic change, advocacy, client empowerment/self-advocacy, theory-practice connections, critical thinking, and evolving consciousness.