Peace Child


“Peace Child is an interdisciplinary project combining elements of music, movement, theatre, visual arts, education and social change. Professors Patricia Lindberg, Cynthia Waltman, Robin Hausheer and Kristina Lind work with PSU Graduate Students in Integrated Arts, School Counseling, School Psychology, and Education, and undergraduates in Education and Social Work, as well as the Plymouth Parks and Recreation Department, the Flying Monkey Performance Center and Movie House, 30 children in grades 3-8 from the Plymouth area and 19 New Americans from the Republic of Congo and Rwanda to realize this initiative.

The purpose of the project is to explore concepts of peace and different ways to develop bridges to peace and understanding between people through a series of interactive interpersonal activities and the producing of an original musical theatrical performance directed by Professor Lindberg. Peace Child incorporats music created and taught by William Ogmundson, movement choreographed by Darren Biggart, and artwork developed and facilitated by Timm Judas and Stacey Lucas, as well as the writings of hundreds of children throughout New Hampshire. The PSU professors and guest artists are assisted in their efforts by graduate students in Arts, Leadership and Learning, Integrated Arts, Counselor Education and School Psychology, as well as undergraduate Social Work majors through coursework and elected participation in the Cluster project.”