Fellowships and Scholarships

CFE has several fellowships and scholarships available to Plymouth State students. These opportunities are made possible by generous donors to CFE for the purpose of supporting student’s work in environmental science. A request for proposals for these funds is sent to students, typically in the spring. Awards are made based on the proposals and the availability of funds.

The Joe and Gail White Graduate Fellowship

Joe White ’68 and Gail Heffernan White ’66 were generous benefactors of Plymouth State University for many years, and both were active on the Alumni Board and in the Alumni Association. They were teachers, ran an organic farm in Brentwood, and had a deep appreciation of the natural environment. The White’s support of the Center for the Environment started in 2005, and, in 2007, their annual support was formalized into the Joe and Gail White Graduate Fellowship. The purpose of this fellowship is to support a full- or part-time graduate student in Environmental Science and Policy whose work helps address environmental issues of concern in New Hampshire.

The James W. Tethers Scholarship

The James W. Tethers Scholarship Endowment was established PSU in 2007 through a gift from the James W. Tethers Educational Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation – Manchester Region. This fund was established in memory of James W. Tethers who worked at the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission for 29 years and served as chief planner. The purpose of this fund is to support scholarships for New Hampshire graduate students studying urban, regional, community or environmental planning or geography.

Pamela Marrapese “Keep NH Lakes Clear” Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Pamela Marrapese “Keep NH Lakes Clear” Endowed Scholarship Fund provides a scholarship award for an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student at Plymouth State University who is seeking to develop an understanding of environmental science with particular interest in the science of freshwater ecology. As a lifelong resident of New Hampshire, Pamela Marrapese was instrumental in the formation of one of the first lake associations in New Hampshire, The Webster Lake Association. She guided the organization through its infancy, and fought battles on behalf of the lake to help preserve its clean water. Pam’s primary belief was that education is tantamount in achieving and maintaining water quality. The scholarship is available to full-time matriculated returning undergraduate students majoring environmental science and policy, environmental biology, or environmental planning, or graduate students in Environmental Science and Policy. Applicants should have taken, or intend to take, classes related to freshwater ecology.

The Sid Lovett Fund for the Center for the Environment

The Sid Lovett Fund for the Center for the Environment supports the production of professional, high quality materials developed from student and faculty research. Funds are to be used for printing costs, producing posters for conferences, and expenses for publication and reprints of journal articles by faculty and students, and similar communications. Rev. Sid Lovett of Holderness established this endowed fund with CFE in 2008. Sid is active in the region, has served as a state representative, on town boards, and PSU’s President’s Council. The environment is one of his highest priorities and he was instrumental in the creation of CFE.