MS Thesis Defenses in May 2017


Over the next few weeks, students will be giving presentations about their research projects. Please join us for the following talks and learn more about our students’ work.

May 3, 12 pm at Frost Academic Commons: Carolyn Greenough – Understanding how stakeholders value scenic views: Lessons from the Lakes Region and White Mountains of NH on incorporating viewshed management into environmental decision making.

May 4, 1 pm in Boyd Science Center, Room 001: Anju Shrestha – Effects of Storm Flows on Phosphorus Concentrations from a Forested Catchment in New Hampshire

May 16, 1 pm in Boyd Science Center, Room 001: Rebecca Hanson – The utility of modeling water quality: finding the best practices for management of the Squam Watershed

May 30, 1 pm in Boyd Science Center, Room 001: Keith Van Gorden The Role of Wetlands as Habitat for the Northern Long-eared Bat (Myotis septentrionalis) in the White Mountain National Forest