Paleoclimatology Graduate Research Assistantship Available

The Center for the Environment (CFE) at Plymouth State University (PSU) seeks applicants for an M.S. graduate research assistant (GRA) in paleoclimatology, with research opportunities in paleolimnology, dendrochronology and geochemistry, the North Atlantic Oscillation and lake sedimentation in Iceland. The GRA will work as part of a trans-disciplinary team of researchers and students from PSU and three other institutions. The team’s expertise in synoptic climatology, paleoclimatology, hydrogeology, paleontology and watershed sedimentology provides the GRA excellent opportunity to interact with a broad cohort of faculty and students on environmental science applications in climate change and to develop interdisciplinary research skills.

Students with prior field and/or laboratory research experience and academic training in geology, physical geography or meteorology are preferred, but all interested individuals are encouraged to apply. The GRA will work on a variety of project activities, including but not limited to: (1) sampling and analyses of lake and soil sediments, (2) summer field work in Iceland in support of the project; and (3) reporting of results by publication, presentation, and website documentation.

PSU is an equal-opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender or religious preference. In addition, the project leaders have a strong commitment to enhancing research opportunities for under-served groups and we strongly encourage individuals belonging to any perceived minority group to apply. The GRA includes a stipend of up to 24 months and tuition coverage for up to 30 credits, plus travel support for field work and conferences.

Applicants should contact Lisa Doner for details on the project. All GRA candidates must be eligible for acceptance to the graduate program at PSU. For details on this, contact Betsy Ayotte.