CFE Faculty and Staff

Joe Boyer, Professor

Office: 203B Speare Bldg
Phone: 603-535-2926

Joe is the director of PSU’s Center for Research and Innovation and was CFE’s director from 2012 – 2018. Joe was previously Director of the Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC) at Florida International University in Miami. He has experience in microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of coastal oceans, estuaries, rivers, and groundwater ecosystems. His interests are in both natural and human-induced physical/chemical effects on microbial communities and water quality with specific expertise in bacterial and phytoplankton nutrient cycling processes, ecosystem biogeochemistry, and long-term ecological time series. His newest line of research involves developing system-wide indicators of ecosystem restoration and the incorporation and valuation of ecosystem services into science, management, and policy thinking. Joe has a B.S. in Microbiology from The American University and a Ph.D. in Marine Science from the College of William and Mary.

lisa_smallLisa Doner, Associate Professor

Office: 218A Boyd Science Center
Phone: 603-535-2245

Lisa is an Associate Professor in Environmental Science and Policy and Center for the Environment. She studies lake sediments to decipher past watershed changes. Her primary focus is on how climate interacts with other mechanisms for change including natural catastrophe (fire, flood, landslide, tsunami), human disturbance (agriculture, logging, development) and long-term trends (glaciations, tectonics, sea-level change). These projects are globally distributed, with lake sites in New Hampshire, Utah, Maine, Baffin Island (Canada), Iceland and Turkey. She holds a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a B.A. in Geology from the University of Arizona, a M.S. in Quaternary Studies from the University of Maine, and a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Colorado.

JHR webJune Hammond Rowan, Research Associate Professor

Office: Boyd Science Center, Room 232B
Phone: 603-535-3218

June served as outreach and development coordinator for CFE from 2005-2010, interim associate director from 2010-2011, and associate director from 2012-2018. For CFE, she works on a variety of environmental planning and outreach projects helping to connect CFE and PSU to the region. She teaches courses in land use planning, land conservation, and outreach. June previously worked as a land use planner for the communities of Berlin and Plymouth, NH and as a water resources planner for the State of New Hampshire. She has a B.A. in geography from the University of Chicago, a M.A. in geography from the University of Colorado, and an Ed.D. in learning, leadership, and community from PSU.

Amy M. Villamagna, Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Policy

Office: Boyd Science Center, Room 232A
Telephone: 603-535-2177

Amy is a conservation ecologist who specializes in assessing the effects of land use and climate change on ecological function, ecosystem services, and the sustainable management of ecosystems. Using a combination of field and GIS techniques, she focuses at the ecosystem- and landscape-scale using principles of landscape, ecosystem, and community ecology to investigate the patterns and processes of our natural and semi-natural environments. Her current research largely focuses on developing frameworks and GIS tools to assess 1) the impact of land use and climate changes on ecosystems, their biodiversity, and the ecosystem services they provide, 2) landscape-level relationships among erosion, sediment loading, and the resilience of aquatic biota, and 3) how to manage natural resources and ecosystems adaptively with an understanding of societal needs and behavior, and 4) how human behavior creates opportunities and barriers to conservation and sustainability. She is passionate about engaging students in her research, both in the field and in the geospatial lab. Amy has a B.A. in environmental studies – policy from Eckerd College, a M.S. in sustainable development and conservation biology from the University of Maryland, and a Ph.D. in fisheries and wildlife science from Virginia Tech.

Dan EvansDaniel Evans, Research Technician

Office: Boyd Science Center

Dan works on a suite of hydrologic and forest ecosystem investigations with researchers at Plymouth State University and the U.S. Forest Service Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. He previously worked at Virginia Tech as a research associate in the Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, and Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation Departments. His research has focused on impacts to aquatic systems caused by human disturbances such as surface mining for coal, introduced forest pests, and agricultural practices. He has a B.S. in Forest Management, a B.A. in Psychology, and a M.S. in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University.