Student Showcase of Excellence

Each spring Plymouth State University highlights student research and scholarship through the Showcase of Excellence. The following CFE students presented a talk or poster at the event:

  • Understanding how stakeholders value scenic views: Lessons from the Lakes Region and White Mountains of New Hampshire on incorporating viewshed management into environmental decision making – Carolyn Greenough
  • Methods for Investigating and Advancing Active Transportation in NH – Laura Getts
  • Quantification of HSP70 Expression in Mayflies: A Novel Bioindicator of Road Salt Pollution – Roy Fruit
  • Assessing Salt Stress on Macroinvertegrate Communities in New Hampshire Streams –  Matthew Mazzone
  • Examining Methods of Ecosystem Services Valuation to Better Inform Watershed Policy – Klancey Burford
  • A Rapid Assessment of Breeding Productivity for the Canada Warbler – Christian Burns
  • Characteristics that affect valuation of ecosystem services in the Great Bay Estuary Watershed – Noah El-Naboulsi
  • Testing and Comparing Two Models for Watershed Planning – Rebecca Hanson
  • Planning for the Future: How are our communities addressing changes in land use and the environment? – Jason Spencer
  • Temporal Variability of Phosphorus Concentration in the Stream to Squam Lake, New Hampshire During Storm Events – Anju Shrestha

Congratulations to all for your excellent work!