Chapter 7: Implementation and Tracking Progress

Being a small community of very committed faculty and staff, we believe that a decentralized implementation has the best chances for success.

  • The Vice President for Academic Affairs along with the Director for Environmental Sustainability will be responsible for implementation of the academic and research elements of the plan (Chapter Three).
  • The Vice President for Finance and Administration will be responsible for the mitigation strategy (Chapter Five).
  • The Director of Environmental Sustainability, who reports to the president, is responsible for an annual assessment of the progress toward meeting all of our goals.

What is essential for this plan to be successful? It must be closely linked to all the major elements of planning that go on at the campus.

  • The annual strategic planning process which prioritizes and helps focus annual spending priorities must embrace the goals and objectives of this plan.
  • The institution’s Master Plan which is updated every 10 years must embrace this plan and develops future plans for the campus that incorporate the elements of this plan into every element of the future campus.
  • The President’s Commission for Environmental Sustainability must request or expect an annual update on the progress of the plan and report to the President and the campus of the successes and shortfalls.
  • The President’s Commission for Environmental Sustainability should every three years update the CAP report, reassess the goals and objectives, and set new timelines for elimination of emissions.
  • The Director of Environmental Sustainability along with a team from finance and physical plant should update the CA-CP calculator annually and report the results of this review to the campus and to ACCUP.

Communication with the campus and the community is essential to the success of this commitment. There are so many avenues for communication that it is impossible to reach a broad audience by selecting one or two media. We suggest that the Office of Environmental Sustainability hire a student annually to be responsible for writing weekly and monthly communications and for ensuring that we employ a broad selection of the media that are available to the university.