Deans’ Report | September 5, 2017

Academic Deans’ Report

Campus is buzzing once again with the start of the new academic year! We encourage you to read the latest President’s Report, which provides details on curricular updates related to the “4 Tools of Integrated Clusters” and other topics such as persistence and retention efforts. These topics have been active around campus as the community plans to improve our overall retention rate and student experience. To aid us in better serving students with more intentionality, University Days offered opportunities to consider ways we impact student success at PSU.

University Days engaged 300+ faculty and staff from across campus. Feedback was collected to help inform January Jamboree and future programming. Sessions covered topics like Gen Ed student outcomes, alternative scheduling, effective communication, integrating career and academics, and many others. Overall, feedback has been positive and constructive with 186 responses submitted. You may continue to share feedback through Sched Click on your session name and find the feedback link just below the location of the session. Additional thoughts for upcoming programming and future events can be emailed to the Center for Transformation.

As we look for new ways to organize around clusters, we are also considering methods for organizing centers, support teams, and budgeting programs. These will be the topic of a series of campus engagements for the fall semester. We encourage you to save the dates below, topics and agendas will be sent in advance; these dates are subject to change. You may review past events, topics, and deliverables on the clusters website along with the upcoming dates.

  • Thursday, September 21th from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • Wednesday, October 18th from 3-5 p.m.
  • Monday, November 13th from 2-4 p.m.
  • Friday, December 8th from 2-4 p.m.

Cluster Day was well attended with active participation. While clusters indicated they are at different points in their development, there was a collective sentiment that respectful participation is key to moving forward. Read descriptions of outcomes from each cluster here. As cluster leadership teams form for each cluster, please join us in thanking the Cluster Guides who were at the forefront of getting things started.  The Guide role was retired as of August 30th. It is now up to each cluster to identify key liaisons and assume responsibility for moving the cluster forward. As a reminder, structural guidelines and givens were shared in August to inform how clusters develop.

Over the summer, more than 100 of your colleagues engaged in task groups to move us forward in the areas of student experience, cluster projects, cluster partnerships, IT project support, institutional logistics, student experience, and leadership team design in addition to Gen Ed student outcomes, FYS fellows, and curriculum committee. While curricular updates will come in the President’s Report and through faculty meeting, updates from the task groups related to clustering activity can be found here.

Campus was not only busy from the work your colleagues were engaged in, construction also continues in a number of areas. Renovation of the lecture halls in Hyde Hall are complete and fire alarm installation is being finalized. To allow for alarm testing, there will be no classes on the first floor of Hyde Hall for the first week of the term. OLs will be assisting first-year students in finding their temporary classrooms. You may have seen the signs outside of Speare, the one-stop shop for student services is underway and will be completed in late September. The parking lot and rear-entrance of Speare is closed off to accommodate construction vehicles. At the Lamson Learning Commons, compact shelving has been installed on the lower level for print journals and NH documents. Library Classroom 102 and New Video Room 117 will complete renovations in early September. Signage throughout the library is also being updated. Review the list of other updates and changes to the library here.

The new academic year brings new faces, and not just students. Please join us in welcoming Tonya LaBrosse as the new University Registrar! She officially begins her new role on September 18th. Tonya joins us after nearly 7 years as the University Registrar at Franklin Pierce University and also served as Registrar at Becker College for 5 years. She is familiar with changes related to reorganization and implementing technology systems to increase efficiencies in support of evolving needs.

Finally, your colleagues have had a busy summer with some exciting and productive accomplishments. Please take a moment to look at what all of your colleagues have been doing, now located here.