Cluster Connect

Cluster Connect is a new PSU platform uniquely designed to enable the PSU Integrated Cluster experience. It enables students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners to engage, collaborate, and connect on cluster projects and activities. It is a digital space to share ideas, discuss projects, and track ongoing activities. Through social interaction and collaboration, community members can post and share information across the digital campus community or within clusters.

By using Cluster Connect, you’re able to:

  • Discover other PSU community members with complementary interests
  • Review and comment on Cluster news, ideas, and accomplishments
  • Engage in project creation, activities, and updates

Cluster Connect is available to all PSU faculty, Staff and Students using PSU IT credentials. For technical assistance using or accessing Cluster Connect, please visit the PSU Knowledgebase and/or contact the Help Desk. Please note that by accessing the Cluster Connect application, you agree to the PSU Acceptable Use Policy and Sensitive & Confidential Information Policy.

Features of Cluster Connect

A robust suite of features give PSU community members the ability to:

  • Discuss – create or contribute to Cluster or community topics
  • Ideate – create or post to a new idea for a Cluster project or activity
  • Publicize – create news articles for Clusters or the PSU community
  • Work – communicate, coordinate, and document project or group work efforts
  • Inform – browse and/or follow activities, events, and projects
  • Search – perform keyword searches to find topics of personal interest
  • Personalize – set individual site preferences and include personal interests
  • Propose – faculty or staff can create a project proposal online

Community Partner & Alumni Access

Cluster Connect is also available to interested alumni and external partners thereby expanding the dialogue with students, faculty, and staff and participating in cluster activities and project work. Learn how Alumni and Partners can gain participant access to Cluster Connect.

Designing a Project

If you’re interested in designing a cluster project, it’s helpful to organize the details of the project proposal offline before submitting it online through Cluster Connect. Within Cluster Connect, you’ll find it useful to find project participants and partners by searching and connecting with PSU community members. Learn more about designing a successful project.

Supporting Documentation of Processes

Cluster Connect exists to streamline processes and enable collaboration across PSU, additional forms support the platform such as the project proposal process and documentation. Explore Forms & Processes