Frequently Asked Questions

Assembled below is the current list of Frequently Asked Questions for Cluster Connect. We will be updating this from time to time as we learn more from our community.


  1. Q: How Do I Access Cluster Connect?

A: Access to Cluster Connect is available at 

Staff/Faculty/Students will need to login by first clicking the “Plymouth State University Single Sign-on” button and then sign in as they would any other application on campus.  

Partners/Alumni need to log in using their Community log in information in the above username and password text boxes.  

For more information, please see the infographic on the Knowledgebase: Cluster Connect: How to Log In to Cluster Connect.


  1. Q: Where Can I Find the Acceptable Use Policy for Cluster Connect?

A: The Acceptable Use Policy for Cluster Connect is located on the web at 


  1. Q: Where Can I Update my Profile information?

A: You will find your profile information under the account button by selecting “My Account” from the drop-down menu. For more information, please see this Knowledgebase Article: Cluster Connect: How to Edit Your Profile.


  1. Q: How Do I Update My Personal Preferences?

A: You can update your personal preferences by selecting “My Settings” under the account button drop-down menu. For more information please see: Cluster Connect: How to Change Your Settings.


  1. Q: What is a “Cluster Affiliation” and how is my cluster affiliation set?

A: Declared students are assigned their cluster affiliation, while non-declared are unassigned. Faculty are assigned a primary affiliation based on their academic program discipline. Staff and Partners are not initially assigned. All should affiliate with at least one cluster, and can select more. Students may affiliate with or follow any cluster that interests them. 

Your Cluster Affiliation is the group you relate to, based on your enrollment. You may set your other affiliations by clicking on the account button, and selecting “My Profile” under the drop-down menu. You may select more than one affiliation by holding down the control key. 


  1. Q: What’s on my Home Page

A: Your Home Page on cluster connect appears when you log in. There are menu options, Featured News, a My Activities section, as well as a list of your active tasks under – you guessed it – “My Active Tasks.” There is also an activity feed displaying the most recent project activity and topics that you are following.

Please see the infographic “What’s on my Home Page” for more details.


  1. Q: What’s on a Cluster Page?

A: A Cluster Page contains all the information relevant to one of Plymouth State’s seven academic clusters. This will include a News feed, and Events feed, a general summary and description of the Cluster, as well as a directory of your Cluster’s leadership team. Relevant proposals and projects are also listed here, and the Academic Programs that the Cluster encompasses are listed as well. 

Please see the infographic “What’s on a Cluster Page” for an outline. 


  1. Q: How do I use the Search Function on Cluster Connect?

A: The Search Function in Cluster Connect is located in the center of the banner at the top of every page. From there, you can search the entirety of Cluster Connect, including Discussions, Clusters, Projects, Project Proposals, and People. 


  1. Q: How do I propose a Cluster Project? 

A: Students and Partners having a Cluster Project proposal idea should find a Faculty or Staff sponsor. Faculty and staff may propose Cluster Projects. 


10. Q: What are the different roles on Cluster Connect, and what do they do?

A: The five roles in Cluster Connect are Student, Faculty, Staff, interested Alumni, and External Partners. 


11. Q: Where do I propose a New Idea for my Cluster?

A: On the main page when you login, there is a welcome banner. On the right side of the banner, click “Share an idea.”  This will take you to the Ideas page, in the right corner of the text are click “New.”  Please see Cluster Connect: Sharing a New Idea for more information.


12. Q: How do I post and comment on new Ideas on Cluster Connect?

A: In the Menu Bar, click on IDEAS. This will take you to the Cluster Community Ideas page. There will be a list of Community Ideas. You can click on any of the ideas listed, and you may comment on them at the bottom. Please see Cluster Connect: Sharing a New Idea for more information.


13. Q: How do I post and comment on a Discussion Topic?

A: In the Menu Bar, click on DISCUSSIONS. When you get to the Discussion Forum, click on the Cluster you wish to view. In the list of discussions on the right, select a discussion. Selecting a discussion will bring you to the page for that discussion. You can write your comment in the text field at the bottom of the page, and then hit the comment button on the bottom right. 


14. Q: How do I report a problem with Cluster Connect, or suggest a feature enhancement?

A: You report a problem by creating a support ticket with our PSU Help Desk team, by Clicking Here.


15. Q: What is a Group in Cluster Connect?

A: A Group is a member-based forum, focused on projects or interests at Plymouth State. Groups can be public or private. Group creation requires a Faculty or Staff sponsor. 


16. Q: How do I receive notifications in Cluster Connect?

A: You will receive notifications at the little bell icon in the top of the screen. Clicking the notification icon/bell reveals a list of recent notifications. If there are new notifications, you will see a small circle under the bell to the side with a number highlighting the number of new notifications. Email notifications are enabled by default. 


17. Q: What is the little bell for?

A: The little bell icon in the top of the screen is used to display notifications in Cluster Connect. 


Updated 01/18/18