Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Access Cluster Connect?

A: Access to Cluster Connect is available at 

Staff/Faculty/Students will need to login by first clicking the “Plymouth State University Single Sign-on” button and then sign in as they would any other application on campus.  

For more information, please see the infographic on the Knowledgebase: Cluster Connect: How to Log In to Cluster Connect.

2. How Can I Submit My Project Proposal?

A: Download the Microsoft Word document, complete it, and send it to Ross Humer – Note that there is limited additional funding available at this time. A new process will be put in place for Fall ‘19.

3. What if I Have a Project in Process?

A: Complete your project closeout form in Cluster Connect prior to May 10. After that time, you will need to complete the form via the Microsoft Word document, and send it to Ross Humer –

Updated 02/20/19