Process & Documentation

Based on the results of our internal communications audit which identified the need to reduce the amount of technology tools we use coupled with the need to reduce our financial obligations, Cluster Connect will be taken offline on Friday, May 10.

One major feature of Cluster Connect was its functionality to create integrated cluster project proposals online. Integrated cluster projects for fiscal year 2018-19 are required to complete a close-out completion report no later than June 23, 2019. This process step was incorporated to ensure the capture of accomplishments and ideas as to how to improve future cluster projects.

For projects that are scheduled to complete in FY 2018-19, project leaders should download and fill out this report template and forward it as an attachment to: Here is the link to this form.

For fiscal year 2019-20, a new process for the review and approval of integrated cluster project proposals will be developed. Once that process has been created, documentation will be posted on this website. Any questions regarding cluster projects for FY2019-20 should be addressed to any of the integrated cluster leadership teams.

Preparing a Successful Project

During Summer of 2017, a group of dedicated faculty read the entire portfolio of Cluster Projects available at that time. Their thoughtful analysis and recommendations presented in this Guidebook are valuable to both a new Project Leader or to those who have sponsored a successful project in the past.