Vision Statement


Plymouth State University serves the state of New Hampshire and the world beyond by transforming our students through advanced practices where engaged learning produces well-educated undergraduates and by providing graduate education that deepens and advances knowledge and enhances professional development.  With distinction, we connect with community and business partners for economic development, technological advances, healthier living, and cultural enrichment with a special commitment of service to the North Country and Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

Vision Statement

Plymouth State University is a visionary institution at the hub of an ever-growing creative community where students, faculty, staff, and alumni are actively transforming themselves and the region. We produce society’s global leaders within interdisciplinary strategic clusters, open labs, partnerships and through entrepreneurial innovations and experiential learning.

Integrated Cluster Goals

  1. To advance PSU’s mission – Ut Prosim – That I May Serve
  2. To differentiate PSU resulting in a sustainable future
  3. To research, identify, and address complex 21st century issues
  4. To support student preparedness through interdisciplinary programs, curricula, and open labs
  5. To encourage transformational teaching and connected learning

Integrated Cluster Guiding Principles

  1. Respect – As educators, we respect and support one another.
  2. Transform – We are transforming our campus, which requires us to be adaptable and agile.
  3. Collaborate – As thought leaders, we remain open to collaboration, new ideas, and the infinite possibilities.
  4. Innovate – We are a learning community that values and encourages risk taking and experimentation as part of the innovation process.
  5. Act – We must act to achieve a sustainable future for our faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Integrated Cluster Core Values

  1. Transformative teaching and connected learning
  2. Innovation and entrepreneurship
  3. Preparation for 21st century careers and life
  4. Critical thinking and ethical decision-making with informed action
  5. Collaboration and communication
  6. Leadership and engaged citizenship: local, regional, national, and global
  7. Interdisciplinary research and scholarship