Deans’ Report | October 3, 2017

Also linked in the report below, the data of incoming students, graduate full-time equivalents, teaching lecturers, faculty, and release time have been listed by cluster and can be found in this dashboard:

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Academic Deans’ Report

Gen Ed Updates: We continue the work to align Gen Ed to the integrated cluster vision and strongly recommend reading the Gen Ed report, carefully. The Gen Ed Committee works to bring forward recommendations for program outcomes, consideration for direction pathways, and opportunities for a 4-credit model. The search committee for the General Education Coordinator has been created: Joey Rino, Pamela Anneser, Rebecca Grant, Keith Charpentier, and Marissa Lischinsky. The position is open to full-time faculty; interested applicants should send a Letter of Interest to Tina Coit ( The Letter should outline your experience with General Education, vision for aligning the General Education Program with the Integrated Cluster Vision, and ideas about program assessment. Applications will be accepted until October 31, 2017.

Campus Accessibility Services: In an effort to continue to reduce stigma and fully represent the array of resources offered to the campus; Disability Services is changing their name to Campus Accessibility Services. This more inclusive name will not only help students to identify where they can receive services, but also assist in strengthening their connection as a resource to faculty and staff.

Cluster’s Website: The Integrated Cluster’s Website, now located on the internal website, contains historical information on initiatives related to our transformation to supporting and delivering integrated clusters. Updates to the site are linked within reports like the Academic Deans’ Report and updates from the Office of Academic Affairs. As you may be visiting this site outside of email prompts, a section has been added to highlight “Recent Updates” to the site. Explore the cluster’s website here.

Cluster Data: As cluster teams develop and we explore new ways of organizing, we thought it important to organize a set of data to help inform these and other decisions. We’ve completed the initial task of organizing current release time by cluster with faculty having primary cluster affiliation with a program. The analysis of incoming students, graduate full-time equivalents, teaching lecturers, faculty, and release time have been listed by cluster and can be found in the dashboard found here. The goal is to enable more faculty engagement with students, rather than having spending time on administrative tasks that don’t require specialization in a discipline to do. Release is noted by administrative function; if additional information would be useful, please contact Corey Hoyt ( As cluster structures develop, we anticipate a reduction in administrative release time and the development of cluster support teams to take on as many of those tasks as possible. We’ll be piloting a team beginning this fall in support of J&S and TESD and will share lessons learned along the way.

Cluster Projects: The launch of cluster projects continues, along with the project funding process. We encourage you to submit project proposals throughout the semester; the next project proposal submittal deadline using the current funding process is October 15th. Ross Humer is a resource for the proposal process and Stephanie Oleson can answer questions related to budgets. Click here for project proposal and completion forms and process details. As cluster teams are being formed, each cluster has an interim project contact person that may also assist with the proposal process:

  • Arts & Technologies: Annette Holba
  • Exploration & Discovery: Elliott Gruner
  • Education, Democracy & Social Change: TBD
  • Health & Human Enrichment: Barbara McCahan
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Brad Allen
  • Justice & Security: Barbara Lopez-Mayhew
  • Tourism, Environment & Sustainable Development: Mary Ann McGarry

Campus Engagement Series: As a reminder, campus engagement opportunities exist this semester and are open to all. On September 21st, approximately 50 faculty and staff gathered to learn more about how student affairs teams currently engage in supporting students. Representatives from student engagement, residential life/dining services, the Michael L. Fischler Counseling Center, student success, and graduate student services shared what’s top of mind for their teams, how they support students, and goals for the year. Participants developed a better understanding of the connections between student affairs teams and the need for collaboration to ensure students are appropriately supported. Read more about the event here. Future campus event dates and times have been identified with tentative topics, please mark your calendar:

  • Wednesday, October 18th from 3-5 pm: Intellectual Property
  • Monday, November 13th from 2-4 pm: 4-Credit Models
  • Friday, December 8th from 2-4 pm: Gen Ed Pathways

In anticipation of the October 18th campus engagement on Intellectual Property, please consider proposed revisions to current IP policy. More information will be sent in advance.

Finally, your colleagues have been busy with some exciting and productive accomplishments. Please take a moment to look at what all of your colleagues have been doing, now located here.