Faculty & Staff Resources

Below are topics that are most common to faculty and staff engaged in moving us forward. Additionally, the Integrated Clusters SharePoint site is an important resource for documents that have been used to support the growth of clusters of the last few semesters.


Events & Activity

Learn more about where we have been with past events, notes, and resources from campus engagement. By engaging the campus through forums, sessions, workshops, work groups, and teams, we’ve been able to and continue to collect important information to help move us forward. Here you’ll be able to view upcoming events, past activity, and key insights.


Transformation Timeline

This timeline is focused on the academic component of the integrated cluster and open lab experience to empower faculty and promote student success. The intent is to help us identify key elements and benchmarks. The timeline is subject to change.



Cluster Project Process

Interested in submitting a proposal for a Cluster Project? The process exists through a platform called Cluster Connect, where you’ll be able to learn about project ideas, find interested faculty, and share news. You’ll also be able to submit a proposal and request funding.

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Cluster Forms & Docs

Find here the following forms: Cluster Leadership Team Design resources, Project Proposal Forms, Quick Idea Form, and Personal Profile. The Cluster Toolkit is an evolving set of resources to assist you with marketing cluster events, developing documents for projects, and presentation design.