Cluster Project Process

Interested in submitting a proposal for a Cluster Project? Below you’ll learn about the proposal process for project funding, find forms for submitting requests for funding or non-funded projects, and learn more about the process.


Project Proposal Submission Schedule

September 2017 Round:

  • Proposal Submittal Cutoff: September 15th
  • IC Decision Date (all Project levels): September 22d
  • Project Review Team Decision Date (Levels 2 & 3): September 29th
  • Deans’ Decision Date (Level 3 & Release Time): October 6th

October 2017 Round:

  • Proposal Submittal Cutoff: October 15th
  • IC Decision Date (all Project levels): October 22nd
  • Project Review Team Decision Date (Levels 2 & 3): October 29th
  • Deans’ Decision Date (Level 3 & Release Time): November 6th

November 2017 Round:

  • Proposal Submittal Cutoff: November 15th
  • IC Decision Date (all Project levels): November 22nd
  • Project Review Team Decision Date (Levels 2 & 3): November 29th
  • Deans’ Decision Date (Level 3 & Release Time): December 6th


Project Planning Guidebook

Developed by faculty, this guidebook is designed to assist you in planning, submitting, implementing, and recording all aspects of your project. The Guidebook is organized into three sections. Section 1 provides guidance by addressing the definition of a Cluster Project. Section 2 provides detail on planning, requesting approval, implementing, and reporting on a project. Section 3 provides information on project support: personnel planning, travel planning, purchasing supplies, catering, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your cluster leaders or colleagues on the IC Project Review Team.

Download the Guidebook


Downloadable Forms

Request Project Funding

These documents are required for project funding

  1. Project Proposal Planning Guidelines
  2. Project Proposal Process and Project Form
  3. Project Proposal Budget Form

Complete Your Project

Project Completion Report TemplateThis report captures highlights of activities, outcomes, and the lessons have learned through this experience. We also are interested in archiving and sharing photos, videos, and other documents with internal colleagues and selectively with external audiences. Please review this document as you begin project activities and submit the completed form to the project manager, Ross Humer.


For Projects Not Requiring Funding

PSU is in process of building an inventory of all inter-disciplinary projects that align to the Integrated Cluster Initiative. Faculty or staff who have active or proposed projects that do not require IC funding are strongly encouraged to complete and submit the following form:

  1. Project Proposals Not Requiring Integrated Cluster Funding Form

As PSU continues its transformation, certain new processes and policies are required to achieve development and success. A significant objective of the Integrated Cluster model is to provide autonomy in selecting the activities which will encourage progress and accelerate decision-making.

Effective August 1, 2016, each of the seven Integrated Clusters were provided an operations budget in the amount of $35,000. This budget can be used for both cluster operations activities (e.g., meetings, travel, events, etc.) and for new IC project funding.

IC Guides have been trained on this process and are available to review and discuss any potential projects requiring funding. The Guides will be responsible for facilitating the use of these funds and are central in the review and approval of new projects. The diagram shown is provided as a simplified view of how this new process is intended to function.


Project Funding Process

Any faculty or staff can propose and lead an Integrated Cluster (IC) Project. For projects requiring funding, the following steps will be required to request approval:

  1.  Download the 3 forms to your computer
  2. Complete the forms and save them; including the title of your project in the file name
  3. Forward the 3 files via email to the IC Project Manager, Ross Humer
  4. Project Proposal will be logged & forwarded to the appropriate IC Guide Team


Institutional Review Board

All PSU research activities proposing to involve human participants must be reviewed and receive written, unconditional approval from the IRB before commencing. The Federal Government has specific regulations, 45 CFR 46, regarding the use of human participants in research and requires such activity to be reviewed by an Institutional Review Board prior to any data being collected. . In 45 CFR§46.102 research is defined as “(d) … a systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge.” This definition has been routinely interpreted as activities intended for presentation outside a classroom/educational setting. Any activities involving human participants that are intended to contribute to the “generalizable knowledge” must be reviewed by the PSU IRB without exception (this includes thesis, dissertations, research studies (quantitative/qualitative), independent studies, etc.). Visit PSU’s Institutional Review Board website to learn more.