Provost Council Reps | March 14, 2018

Dear Colleagues:

We are writing as a follow up to the faculty forum held on Friday to clarify the role of the Provost Council Representative. We recognize that prior messaging has led to some confusion.

If your cluster has a team leader, this person should serve as the representative to the Provost Council as part of his/her cluster leadership responsibilities.

If your cluster does not have a team Leader, please elect a representative to the Provost Council.

Please have your representative identified by 4/1/18. Faculty on 9-month contracts will be compensated for summer work associated with this role. The responsibilities of the Provost Council Representative are outlined below.

Provost Council Representative
This representative will support the strategic directions of the University by:

  • Representing their cluster to the Provost Council
  • Informing the Provost and Council of their cluster’s initiatives and directions, as well as keep the cluster apprised of initiatives and strategic directions discussed in the Council
  • Providing cluster-specific and campus-wide perspectives on URI proposals under consideration by the Provost
  • Working with the Provost to determine the purposes of the Provost Council and the scope of responsibilities and term commitment for Provost Council Representatives
  • Attending bi-weekly meetings (2 hours) beginning in mid-April
  • Serving through winter 2019

Gail, Robyn, & Cynthia
The Academic Deans