Career Paths

A degree in Communication Studies helps students develop practical communication skills for engagement around campus, in the workplace, at  home, in society, and in the world. Students who earn a degree in Communication Studies successfully find employment opportunities in a variety of areas where they will need effective  interpersonal, organizational, intercultural, ethical, and media savvy communication expertise. A bachelor degree in Communication Studies also prepares students who want to enter graduate school for advanced studies in communication, media, education, or other related fields.

For more information, visit the National Communication Association website or visit Career Services.

Careers in communications and media:

See the U.S. Department of Labor Outlook for a complete list.

Useful Skills for Jobs in the Communications Field

  • Strong written communication skills
  • Strong oral presentation skills
  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Effective conflict negotiation skills
  • Acute Problem-solving abilities
  • Perceptive leadership potential
  • Independent and Collaborative communication competence
  • Understanding of professional/organizational communication structures

Understanding the usefulness of a Master’s Degree in Communications