Internship Opportunities

We encourage all Communication and Media Studies majors to complete at least one internship. The internship course is included in the list of elective courses in the major, which means that students can engage internships as part of their major program curriculum. The outcome of including internship experience enables students to link their course work with practical application and provide students with real world high impact experiences.

Internship Services from Communication and Media Studies

Faculty Advisement

A faculty member provides advisement in the areas of career planning, site selection, when to seek out internships, number of hours, and number of internships.

The faculty member will also work with students to successfully complete their internship and the associated requirements. The following assistance is offered:

  • Portfolio Development
  • Professional Leadership
  • Review and completion of experience journal
  • Review of paper draft
  • Contact with site supervisor and evaluation letter
  • Review and completion of portfolio

Internship Coordinator Services

The internship coordinator provides support for professional services that include resources and consultation in the following areas:

  • Resume Building
  • Interview Preparation
  • Completion of official paperwork for the Department of Labor

The Internship Coordinator can be reached by telephone at 603-535-2867 or by email at

Professional Opportunities

Some of the organizations where our students have participated in internships include:

  • Speare Hospital (organizational communication/marketing)
  • Pemi-Baker Community Health (in marketing/promotion/advertising/interpersonal storytelling)
  • WMUR (Manchester) (in production and organizational communication)
  • ConcordTV (Concord) (in production)
  • Preston Marketing
  • Plymouth Chamber of Commerce (in advertising/marketing)
  • Pemi-Baker Youth Center (in interpersonal and organizational communication)
  • Plymouth Senior Center (in interpersonal and organizational communication)
  • Beiderman’s Deli (in advertising/promotion)
  • Loon Mountain (in marketing/promotion)
  • Waterville Valley (in marketing/promotion)
  • Whitebridge Farm Productions (Independent Film Company

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Internship Agreement

State of NH Dept of Labor Form Pre-Approval
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