Rent Equipment

If you’re looking to rent media equipment through the department, please fill out this form:

PSU Communication and Media Studies Rental Form


  • This is professional-grade equipment; students asking to rent it are expected to be familiar with the usage of the equipment and safe handling practices prior to renting. The department has learning resources available.
  • In order to be eligible to rent, you must:
    • be a major in the Communication and Media Studies Department, OR
    • be a non-CMS major currently taking a CM class that requires the usage of the equipment, OR
    • receive special permission from the CMS Department Chair to rent outside of those circumstances.
  • When you pick up your equipment, you will be asked to show your PSU ID to verify your identity.
  • Every student renting equipment must have at least one CMS faculty “sponsor” who approves of the rental; this will typically be the instructor of the class or the faculty advisor of the organization that that necessitates usage of the equipment.
  • Rental eligibility is also subject to past rental history–if you have lost or damaged CMS property in the past, you may not be allowed to rent more equipment, at the discretion of the CMS Department Chair.
  • Students must agree to the terms and conditions provided on the rental form in order to rent equipment.
  • After filling out the form you will receive a confirmation e-mail from a department representative to arrange a pick-up time and date. Expect a two-to-three weekday turnaround time between submitting the form and receiving the equipment–it takes time to process requests and prepare equipment for pick-up.
  • The standard rental period is two weeks from the date the equipment is picked up. If you require the equipment for a longer period, extensions may be available but are granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Returning equipment can take place any day on or before the due date; it is your responsibility to reach out before the due date to to arrange a return day and time with the department representative who gave you the equipment. Remember, it is a “due” date, not a “start arranging a time to return equipment” date. Failing to return department property in a timely manner may result in fees or restricted rental privileges in the future.
  • Equipment is not available to rent for the first two weeks and the last two weeks of a semester.

For those renting DSLR kits, please ensure that you have reviewed our DSLR training video series prior to your rental:

Learn how to properly care for and operate the department’s DSLR cameras with this informative video series, created as part of an independent study by Communication and Media Studies major James Lawson! This eight-part course is designed to give viewers a working knowledge of how to use our Canon Rebel T5i cameras.