Student and Alumni Work

Just Released!
Students from the Spring 19 Advanced Digital Video Production class produced a beautiful film called ‘Mask of the Shadow’ which was recently accepted into an International Film Festival hosted by the Pinewood Studios called the ‘Lift off first time filmmakers.

Their original assignment was to make a film showing how characters would respond to an eminent apocalypse, where there was only 24 hours left on earth to live. (WARNING: PROFANITY, GUN VIOLENCE, RATED R)
Matt Blood, James McGhee, Seth Prue, Math Rudzinski, Marshall McKiernan, Nicole Ruscillo.

Great work from some of our first year students (2018) YouTube

Participatory Culture (2016)

For Cathie Leblanc’s Intro to Communication and Media Studies course, Plymouth State University students Tyler Jones, Nicholas Joy, and Alec Harrises created a thorough video presentation of Participatory Culture

The Berlin Mural

The department is proud to have co-sponsored the premiere of a film, The Berlin Mural,  by alumni Kaleb Hart.