Alumni Profile: Ryley Ameden (Class of 2014)

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Ryley Ameden graduated from Plymouth State in 2014 with a B.S. in Information Technology and a minor in Business Administration. He currently works as a Website Developer at First Tracks Marketing Group.

Tell us about some cool projects you’ve worked on since graduating.

Some of my favorite projects that I have worked are:

SAU 15 school district was looking for a better way to manage and administer the websites for their district. The previous website setup was a mashup of google websites and some very old and difficult to use legacy software that they had been using for many years. SAU 15 was looking to rebuild their sites to be easy to use and to improve the process of updating content and adding information, updates, notices and events to all of their district sites. SAU 15 also had the challenge of multiple groups of admins that would be managing their own school sites so the new system needed to make it easy to control user access to each of the sites as well as make it easy to update the site platforms.

This was our second WordPress Multisite for a school district. We also implemented a similar solution for the Milford School District (SAU 40) the year prior. The WordPress Multisite environment makes it a snap for the school admins to add and remove users with a variety of editing capacities. Plus the school admin users can actually create entire new websites with just a few simple clicks, and they have used this flexibility to create additional sites for board information tracking and a few other specialty areas. Eventually the plan is to use this flexibility to provide any teacher within the school their own personal WordPress website for their class if they would like it. Best of all the websites are all on one network so when system updates become available ALL sites are updated at the same time from one place, makes managing the security and reliability of all these sites a breeze.

There are lots of other cool sites that I gotten to build, some are:

How did Plymouth State help prepare you for your job?

Plymouth gave me the foundation I need to succeed. Not only with the knowledge I attained but also life experience. Everyone at Plymouth wanted to see me (any student) succeed and is willing to go to any length to do that. The connections, friends, internships and guidance was second to none.

What are some of your favorite memories of your experience at Plymouth State?

Probably one of my favorite memories from my time at Plymouth took place at about 1am, no not what you’re thinking. It was crunch time for my Database class my group and I were working on wrapping up the final changes to our Rate-A-Mate project. A couple other friends stopped by to see how things were going and one of them left the outside door propped open. Needless to say that was a bad idea, sometime after 9 the silent alarm gets turned on and if a door is left open well the police start running. So here we are, 5 “nerds”, sitting in a computer lab at 1am and in walk two armed police guards.

It took a little convincing that we weren’t there to steal anything and really were just pulling all nighter to finish everything up.

What other things do you do for fun in your free time?

I like to go hiking, biking, hanging out with friends and well play video games.

What advice would you give to current CS/IT students?

Don’t settle for a job/degree you are not passionate about. A lot of people are pushing college graduates to get a job and pay the bills and grow up. Really that is terrible advice. Take your time, find the job YOU want and make sure you will wake up every morning enjoying what you are doing.