How To Sign Up

Senior Projects

The Senior Project is the capstone experience for all Computer Science and Information Technology students. Working closely with a faculty member, each student selects a problem, analyzes it and develops a solution. During the final week of the semester, they will give a formal presentation of this project. Each student will then answer questions regarding their work from the department faculty, students and guests.

To sign up for senior project, each student must:

Complete the prerequisites:

  • Be a “Senior”
    • CS majors – complete all required 3000 level courses
    • IT majors – complete both CS 3720 and CS 4230

Complete the Senior-Project-Process

  • Pick a project (see below for suggested ideas).
  • Develop and submit one or more project abstracts to the assigned instructor of the course. (If you submit multiple abstracts, indicate your order of preference.)
    • For Spring 2020, submit by Monday, November 11 , 2019.
  • One of your abstracts will be approved and you will be assigned a project adviser.
  • Read Professor Burke’s Sample Senior Project Proposal (.html).
  • Write the full project proposal.  There is a specified format for these, so use the Google Doc template or modify Professor Burke’s HTML sample proposal.  Speak to your adviser before you begin, as they may expect variations on these.
  • Submit your proposal by the last day of classes:
    • For Spring 2020, submit by Friday, December 6, 2019.
  • Attend the current semester’s senior project presentations.  (This is required!)
  • Once your proposal is accepted by your adviser, the course instructor will open the course for you and you may register.

Project Ideas: