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NAMI Suicide Prevention Handout: This resource was designed by NAMI for PSU community members

Headington Institute- Self-care and Life Style Balance Inventory:  This resource provides information about effective self-care. 



Plymouth State University students now have free access to the WellTrack app, which is an interactive self-help therapy app. 

The WellTrack app provides various self-help therapy tools, including courses/videos on mental health, a Zen room, thought diary, information on cognitive distortions, fun achievements, activity scheduler, mood check, and wellness assessment.  The WellTrack app also provides referral information to various PSU and community resources for various challenges students might face (i.e. academic, financial, sexual violence, addiction, health and wellness, safety and security, community involvement/making connections, and career support).

Students can simply download the WellTrack app and register with their email address for free access to the app.