Campus Resources

Plymouth State University offers many helpful campus resources to support students in their learning and emotional well-being.  These resources provide students with valuable assistance in making connections in the community, academic support, services related to safety and protection of students’ rights/wellbeing, physical health services, financial support, and career services.

Please see the list below to learn more about the services available to PSU students.


Community Involvement/Making Connections

Student Activities Office

            The Student Activities Office (SAO) serves as a resource for Student Clubs and Organizations, oversees the student-run weekend programming organization Plymouth’s Awesome Weekends (PAW), promotes the LEADS program, and provides exciting events for the campus community.

            Office Location: Hartman Union Building (HUB)- Student Involvement Office- First Floor

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2639



Office of Community Impact

            “Community impact promotes community engagement including service learning projects, off campus FWS opportunities, service trips, and professional development tools and workshops for students.”

            Office Location: Hartman Union Building (HUB)- First Floor

            Phone Number: (603)-535-2372 or (603)-535-3274



Recreation Programs

            Provides group exercises, intramural sports, and sports clubs to PSU students.

            Office Location: Hartman Union Building (HUB)- Room 115

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2956




            Provides information about team sports at PSU.

            Office Location: PE Center or ALLWell North

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2770



Residential Life

            Provides a safe and enriching environment where students live, learn and grow. Residential Life employees Community Advisers (CAs), whom are student workers available to other students as a resource in their residence halls. CAs can be helpful in referring students to available campus resources.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- Room 218.

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2260



Campus Ministry

            Encourages students, faculty, and staff to think about faith and spirituality in personal, academic, and social ways.

            Office Location: Reflection & Spiritual Care Center

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2673



Global Engagement Office

            Assists students in providing the following services: International Student Services, Study Away Advising, National Student Exchange, International Student Exchange, and Short-term trips.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- Room108

            Phone Number: (603) 535-3370



Academic Support

Plymouth Academic Support Services (PASS)

            Provides academic counseling, peer tutoring, and services for students with disabilities that are designed to engage students in developing effective learning strategies and skills.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- Room 209

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2270



Campus Accessibility Services

            Committed to helping students with disabilities maximize their potential while helping them to develop and maintain independence through self-determination and self-advocacy.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- Room 210

            Phone Number: (603) 535-3300



Center for Student Success/Advising

            “Each student is assigned an academic advisor and is encouraged to meet and discuss their program requirements with their advisor. The Center serves as an additional advising resource, particularly in relation to the graduation review process.”

            “The Center also manages the Academic Warning, Probation and Severance system on campus, and provides counsel to students in academic difficulty on the best and fastest ways to return to good academic standing.”

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- Room108

            Phone Number: (603) 535-3065



Writing Center

            Provides professional and student consultants to help you with your writing needs,” such as help with papers, resumes, cover letters, presentations, speeches, and scripts.

            Office Location: Lamson Library- Lower Level

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2831



Math Activity Center

            “For students who want some help with their math classes or just need a quiet place to complete their homework. The mission of the MAC is to help you become a more successful student of mathematics.”

            Office Location: Hyde Hall- Room 301

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2233



Office of the Registrar

            The Office of the Registrar is committed to the delivery of high quality service to all past, present and future constituents while providing timely information. Their primary goal is to provide support for the teaching and learning missions of Plymouth State University. The yearly academic calendar can also be found on the website of this office.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- First Floor

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2345



Campus Safety and Protection of Student Rights/Wellbeing

University Police

            Works to create and maintain a safe, campus environment.

            Office Location: University Police Department

            Emergencies: 911 (Ask for University Police)

            Emergencies: Call or Text 911

            Police Communications Emergency: 603-536-1626

            Business Line: (603) 535-2330

            PSU Alert Line: (603) 535-3535

                        Dial this number for school cancellations and weather alerts

            Tip Line: (603) 535-8477

                        Leave a confidential voice message tips



Frost House Student Services (Dean of Students Office)

            Responds to the informational and personal concerns of students and oversees the protection of student rights.

            Office Location: Frost House

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2206



C.A.R.E. Support

            Receives and responds to concerns related to students and staff, coordinates interventions, and makes recommendations for further action.

            Office Location: Frost House

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2206



S.A.F.E. Walk Program

            Provides safe walk escorts to and from any location across campus when students may not feel safe walking alone (Thurs., Fri., and Sat. each semester).

            Office Location: University Police Department

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2330



Physical and Mental Health Services

Health Services

            Provides compassionate and professional care, committed to promoting, maintaining & improving the health and wellbeing of the entire student.

            Office Location: Mary Taylor House

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2350



The Plymouth State University Counseling Center

            Provides counseling and consultation services to students, as well as consultation to faculty, administrators, and parents.

            Office Location: The Plymouth State University Counseling Center (near Hyde Hall)

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2461



Financial Support

Student Financial Services

            The Student Financial Services Office provides students, parents, faculty and staff with the highest level of customer service by assisting in a professional and courteous manner. They are committed to providing you, our students, with the most timely and accurate billing information possible and hope the information on their website will assist you in meeting your financial responsibilities at Plymouth State University.

            Office Location: Speare Administrative Building- Room 118

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2215 or toll-free 1-877-846-5755



Financial Aid

            Assists qualified students who are unable to meet their entire educational expenses from their own and their family’s resources.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- Room 118

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2338



Student Support Foundation

            A student led organization with the mission of keeping students in school through short term emergency assistance and long term student support. The Student Support Foundation operates the campus food pantry and creates a culture of philanthropy on our campus.

            Office Location: Hartman Union Building (HUB)- The Office of Community Impact- First Floor

            Food Pantry Location: Belknap Hall- Back Side

            Phone: (603)-535-2372 or (603)-535-3274



Career Services

Career Development Office

            Assists students in career exploration and career counseling

            Office location: Speare Administration Building- Room 108

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2589