Campus Resources

Plymouth State University offers many helpful campus resources to support students in their learning and emotional well-being.  These resources provide students with valuable assistance in making connections in the community, academic support, services related to safety and protection of students’ rights/wellbeing, physical health services, financial support, and career services.

Please see the list below to learn more about the services available to PSU students.


Community Involvement/Making Connections

Student Activities 

            Student Activities  serves as a resource for Student Clubs and Organizations and provides exciting events for the campus community.

            Office Location: Hartman Union Building (HUB) Room 110

            Phone Number: (603) 535-3215

  Email: Melina Baker at



Office of Community Impact

          The Office of Community Impact fosters transformative learning experiences for PSU students to engage in active citizenship, explore their sense of purpose, and grow into conscious leaders who cultivate love and connection throughout our local and global communities.  Provides volunteer, community engagement, and service learning opportunities to PSU students.

            Office Location: Hartman Union Building (HUB)- First Floor

            Phone Number: (603)-535-2372 or (603)-535-3274

  Email: Jessica (Jess) Dutille at or Casey Krafton at



Campus Recreation 

            Provides group exercises, intramural sports, and sports clubs to PSU students.

            Office Location: Hartman Union Building (HUB)- Room 115

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2958

  Email: Drew Guay at




            Provides information about team sports at PSU.

            Office Location: PE Center or ALLWell North

            Phone Number (Main): (603) 535-2770

            Emails & Specific Office Phone Numbers: See directory-



Residential Life and Dining

            Provides a safe and enriching environment where students live, learn and grow. Residential Life employees Community Advisers (CAs), whom are student workers available to other students as a resource in their residence halls. CAs can be helpful in referring students to available campus resources.  Dining staff can also be helpful in reviewing what options might fit specific dietary restrictions.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- Room 218.

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2260




Center for Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice

          The Center for Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice holds a variety of strategic initiatives for students, faculty, staff, and community members that help elevate attention to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice at Plymouth State University.

            Office Location: Center for Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice building

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2363

  Email: Alberto Ramos at 



Campus Ministry

            Encourages students, faculty, and staff to think about faith and spirituality in personal, academic, and social ways.

            Office Location: Reflection & Spiritual Care Center

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2673

  Email: Kathy Tardif at



Office of Military Services

            The goal of the Office of Military Services is to provide support to all members of our military community (active, reserves, guards, retired, and military dependents). We will work with you to limit academic challenges, build relationships with other members of our military community, work through any challenges with your benefits, and connect you with community and national resources to navigate all of life’s challenges. Whether you need a space to vent or a solution to an issue (big or small) we are here to be on your team. We’ve got your six!

            Office Location: HUB 037

  Email: Jacqui Nelson at 



Global Engagement Office

            Assists students in providing the following services: International Student Services, Study Away Advising, National Student Exchange, International Student Exchange, and Short-term trips.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- Room108

            Phone Number: (603) 535-3370




Academic Support

Plymouth Academic Support Services (PASS) and TRIO

          The primary goal of Plymouth Academic Support Services (PASS) is to collaborate with undergraduate students in becoming efficient, independent learners. Our program components of TRIO Student Support Services and Tutoring are designed to engage students in developing effective learning strategies and skills to enable them to enjoy academic success.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- Room 209

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2270

  Email: Patti May at



Writing Center

          The mission of the Writing Center is to provide the entire PSU community with the skills and resources they need to succeed as writers and thinkers across the curriculum. We strive to listen well and to create confidence and independence. Through one-to-one or small-group consultation, they respond to the needs of writers at any stage of the writing process, on any type of project. They offer a welcoming and inclusive environment to all writers and they recognize that everyone benefits from consultation.

            Office Location: Lamson Library- Lower Level

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2831

  Email:  Jane Weber at 



Campus Accessibility Services (CAS)

            CAS is responsible for determining and ensuring academic and housing accommodations. Additionally, they are a source of information and referral, a resource and collaborative partner for the campus community, and a point of support and advocacy regarding access issues in general.  They are committed to helping students with disabilities maximize their potential while helping them to develop and maintain independence through self-determination and self-advocacy.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- Room 210

            Phone Number: (603) 535-3300

  Email: Lindsay Page at or Hannah Davidson at



Academic & Career Advising Center

            The Academic & Career Advising Center has a core focus on elevating and expanding an integrated academic and career service model for PSU students.  This office provides Academic and Career Advisors to PSU students.  Services offered include Advising Undeclared Students, Providing Extra Support for Students, Academic Advisor Assignments, Academic & Career Advising, Academic & Career Best Practice Consultation, Academic & Career Resource Library, Career & Academic Tool Trainings for Faculty, Staff, & Students, Career Events & Fairs, Classroom Visits & Presentations, Employer Relations & Engagement, Faculty & Academic Advisor Training & Resources, Faculty/Staff Career Training & Resources, Four-Year Planning, GPA Calculations, Internships, Major Exploration Events, Student Re-Entry Advising, and On-Campus Student Employment.

            Office location: Speare Administration Building- Room 108

            Phone Number: (603) 535-3065




Lamson Library

            The librarians at Lamson Library offer support in researching books, articles, and other media for your papers and projects. They are now booking appointments online at their website.

            Office location: Lamson Library

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2455 




Academic Student Advocate (ASA) 

The ASA is a part of an inter-divisional team for academic affairs and student affairs located in Frost House. The ASA provides advice, guidance, and support for students in matters that may affect their academic standing or progress toward a degree. The ASA works collaboratively with other campus offices to resolve both simple and complex issues in a timely and efficient manner, and may be consulted for issues including but not limited to taking a leave of absence from PSU, withdrawing from PSU, late adds, late drops, late withdrawals from classes, grade disputes, allegations of violating the Academic Integrity Policy, student absences from classes, and general classroom concerns.

  Office Location: Frost House

            Phone Number: 603-535-3294

  Email: Dr. David Zehr at 



Office of the Registrar

          The Office of the Registrar maintains student academic records. Assistance is regularly provided for course registration, class schedules, schedule adjustments, verifications, transfer credits, degree audits and graduation, transcripts and certifications for Veteran’s Educational Benefits. Also, many of the forms needed to update or change student information and records are available here such as declaration/change of major, option, minor and/or certificate; student request; course withdrawal; application to graduate; and change of name.

            Office Location: Speare Administration Building- First Floor

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2345




Campus Safety and Protection of Student Rights/Wellbeing

University Police

            Works to create and maintain a safe, campus environment.

            Office Location: University Police Department

            Emergencies: 911 (Ask for University Police)

            Police Communications Emergency: 603-536-1626 

            Business Line: (603) 535-2330

            PSU Alert Line: (603) 535-3535

                        Dial this number for school cancellations and weather alerts

            Tip Line: (603) 535-8477

                        Leave confidential voice message tips



Frost House Student Services (Dean of Students Office)

          The Frost House is home to a variety of services that support students. These include the C.A.R.E. program, student rights and responsibilities related to student conduct, information for parents and families, and references/verifications.

            Office Location: Frost House

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2206

   Email: Dean of Students Jeff Furlone at



C.A.R.E. Program

            Receives and responds to concerns related to students and staff, coordinates interventions, and makes recommendations for further action.

            Office Location: Frost House

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2206




Title IX Coordinator

            The Title IX Coordinator, located in the Frost House, is responsible for ensuring the University has a prompt, thorough, and equitable response to matters involving sexual misconduct, discrimination, and discriminatory harassment. Students and campus community members may privately consult with the Title IX Coordinator to access supportive measures and to learn about their rights afforded under federal and state law and University Policy. Formal grievance and informal resolution options are available to individuals to support restoring their educational and/or work environment following an incident.

  Office Location: Frost House

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2206

   Email: Janette Wiggett at



Ride Safe Program

          The Ride Safe program is intended to provide a University Police escort to a student in extenuating circumstances who do not wish to walk alone.

            Office Location: University Police Department

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2330



Mental Health and Physical Health Services

The Plymouth State University Counseling Center (PSUCC)

            The PSUCC provides brief individual counseling, group counseling, and consultation services to students.  The PSU also provides consultation services to faculty, administrators, and parents.

            Office Location: The Plymouth State University Counseling Center (near Hyde Hall)

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2461



Health Services

            Provides compassionate and professional health care to students.  Committed to promoting, maintaining & improving the health and wellbeing of the entire student.

            Office Location: Mary Taylor House

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2350


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

            Provides support for questions about dietary restrictions, managing weight gain/loss, sports nutrition, special diets, nutrition tips, and more.

            Office Location: Prospect Dining Hall 

            Phone Number: (603) 860-9131

            Email: Alyssa Fernandes at   



Peer Recovery Support at PSU

            Provides support regarding connecting with community substance use recovery programs.

            Office Location: Reflection & Spiritual Care Center

            Phone Number: 1-603-254-5090

            Email: Marcia Morris at or


Financial Support

Student Financial Services and Financial Aid

          Student Financial Services is the student billing office. Their mission is to provide students, parents/family, faculty and staff with the highest level of customer service by assisting you in a professional and courteous manner. They are committed to providing you, our students, with the most timely and accurate billing information possible and hope the information on our Web site will assist you in meeting your financial responsibilities at Plymouth State University.  Student Financial Services is committed to assisting qualified students who are unable to meet their entire educational expenses from their own and their family’s resources. Financial aid is awarded to students based on need or through merit scholarships recognizing academic or performing achievements.

            Office Location: Speare Administrative Building- Room 118

            Phone Number: (603) 535-2338 or toll-free at 1-877-846-5755




Student Support Foundation

            A student led organization with the mission of keeping students in school through short term emergency assistance and long term student support. The Student Support Foundation operates the campus food pantry and creates a culture of philanthropy on our campus.

            Office Location: Hartman Union Building (HUB)- The Office of Community Impact- First Floor

            Food Pantry Location: Hartman Union Building (HUB)

            Phone: (603)-535-3274

   Email: Casey Krafton at